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  1. THANK YOU ! 🙏 🤩
  2. Hello, i need help to understand the lyrics of the song in this video. Maybe @Skinny Legend or @Whoknowsmehere can help me For your love, I would do anything For the warmth of your tender touch Yeah My love is strong And if it's wrong, ..... For your love, I would do anything (anything) For the warmth of your tender touch For your kiss, i would bring everything Never wanted something so much (for your love) For your love (i will do it for your love, for your love, i will do it for your love) I would do anything For the warmth of you
  3. Please, for my Christmas, leak : - Pixie Lott : Buff Tingaling, On The Low - Britney Spears (or who ever is it) : Exaholic + this fake Britney song https://dbree.org/v/92400c (sounds so good !!!) - Ashley Tisdale : Off the Walls - Leighton Meester : Make it rain I have been a good boy 🙏
  4. Quel vertige s'empare de nos souffles a présent L'Anathème est lourd, les serments brûlants c'est troublant
  5. I already saw your real face and you are not 😉 Meghan succeeded to love herself, you will succeed too. One day when you'll learn to love, love yourself You'll see a change And you'll glow up - Mtrain
  6. @Whoknowsmehere *** @Music Xclusive *** @Red Flare *** @Cypher
  7. Post here how you imagine the members of the forum.
  8. I'm Mrs. Lifestyles of the rich and famousI'm Mrs. Oh my God that Britney's shameless
  9. Thanks God, my parents are not as strict as @Cypher
  10. Actually the first MKS masterpost has been made by Liberation but all the links are dead (it was picosong and instaud links). Then Glamleska made one but deleted everything. And after "this forum is a shit" made one and deleted it. And now the awesome and marvelous Loverboy make a new complete one
  11. Albums / Live : Mad DoLL * Make Believe CD1 * Platinum Weird CD2 * Live Sessions * Demos for other artists : Better Off Alone (Katharine Mcphee Demo) * Come Clean (Hilary Duff Demo) * Gone (Kelly Clarkson Demo) * Good Like That (Demo for Kylie Minogue) * Had It All (Katharine Mcphee Demo) * I See You (Alguien Mas- Belinda Demo) * More Than Life (Kelly Osbourne Demo) * No Boundaries (American Idol Winners Demo) * Now You Know (Hilary Duff Demo) * Pretty Little Dum Dum (Anastacia Demo) * Someones Watching Over Me (Hil
  12. Download all : part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6 Victory * I'm Alright * I Lay Down (Demo) * Entertainment (with Phoenix) * Love In Stereo * Back In the Day (feat. Tahlia) * No Regrets * Love Me Hard * Summer of 99 * Too In Love * Beat Has Gone * Metal Heart * Back to Life * Flatline * Great Escape * Up In Flames * Today * Light Up * Three More Days * Romantic Call * Breathe Me * Paradise * Only You * Boys * Drum * Burnt Out * Breathe Me (Demo) * Back In the Day (Demo) * Arrow * Lay Down In Swimming Pools * Op
  13. This Girl sessions : part 1 ; part 2 Anyone Can Say * Beautiful Boy * Can't Be Without You * Could You Ever Love Me That Way * Dream * Gravity (Solo) * Hard To Breathe * I Got You * I Wanna Know You Like That * I'll Wait * Insecure * It's Ok * Let It Go * Let It Slide (Solo) * Lights Out * Long Road Home * Love (What You Do To Me) * Painkiller (feat. Yung Berg) * Painkiller (Solo) * Regret #99 * Selfish * Static * Strike * Strike [No Intro] *
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