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Who Should Win PHF'S Next Top Cover Designer?

Tyra Banks

Who Should Win PHF'S Next Top Cover Designer?  

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  1. 1. Who Should Win PHF'S Next Top Cover Designer?

    • Woodcrest
    • Zach

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After nine long weeks, we've finally come to the final week of our competition to determine who PHF's Next Top Cover Designer will be! Our final two contestants are @Woodcrest, who's currently leading in the leaderboard with 126 points; and @Zach, who's not too far behind with 110. But who should be the final winner of the competition?

Let your voice be heard today by voting for your favourite designer! Binge watch every episode of PHFNTCD here and check out their final covers below to make your overall choice. The winner is in your hands, so make sure you choose wisely!

@Woodcrest - Petite Meller


Total Overall Score: 126

@Zach - Alexz Johnson


Total Overall Score: 110

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