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Kesha's 'Butterscotch' Sold to K-Pop Star

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Kesha's recording career may still be in legal limbo, but her music's still making its way out into the world.

"Butterscotch" is the latest Kesha song to surface thanks to a newly recorded version by Krystal Jung of K-pop girl group f(x) used in an ad for Korean cosmetic brand Etude House. Longtime Kesha fans know "Butterscotch" as a track that didn't make the singer's debut album Animal from 2010, but has been floating in around in multiple demo forms around the Internet. 

Krystal's new ad shows that "Butterscotch" has been reworked for the K-pop scene with English and Korean lyrics, and the fact that the song is a collaboration with Etude indicates it could be released in full song after the brand has released new tracks from its models like Kryrstal and K-pop rapper Beenzino.

This was always one of my favourite demos she recorded and I had no idea why she didn't include it on Animal! I'm glad it's being used one way or another. I just hope girl gets her commission even if her lyrics aren't used. ;) 

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On 5/7/2016 at 9:59 PM, Neon said:

Ooh so that label bought another Kesha track? They must really like Kesha because they've been buying her demos for a while now. I love that there's going to be a new version getting released soon tho! Can't wait to hear what they did with the track. :magic:

Which other ones have they bought? Was is just 'Slay Queen Slay'? :rockon: 

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