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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, everybody. This is like the fourth time I release this album, but I promise (for real this time), now it's listenable to say the least. Everything here is rewritten, re-recorded, betterly mixed and with significantly less vocal retuning. At least, the words are now understandable I hope you enjoy these tracks! It only contains 8 songs from the previous versions of the record, plus 3 brand new songs. Track listing: Last Days of Freedom Numb Through the Mirror Brand new Hello Drowning Again Gone Tattoo Brand new Mind Games (Shattered) Drunk Brand new Elastic Days Freeway And a deluxe, remastered version is also available! (I may remove the former version because this one is better lol).
  2. I released my new album "Salvation" This includes 11 standard tracks, and a few more deluxe tracks coming. It's a mixture of dark dance, club/house, pure pop, a splash of urban all with catchy melodies and lyrics. I would love if you guys gave it a listen and let me know what you think. Fave songs, fave lyrics, fave parts of the songs, anything! My personal favs/standouts are "Sleeping Beauty", "Black Rose", "Vertigo", "My Bitches", & "Chained" but I am proud of them all! Stream on SoundCloud Stream on YouTube
  3. Twenty One Pilots fifth album Trench drops 5/10/18
  4. Tweener

    Fifth Harmony - 7/27

    Tracklist 1. "That's My Girl" 2. "Work From Home" feat. Ty Dolla $ign 3. "The Life" 4. "Write On Me" 5. "I Lied" 6. "All In My Head" feat. Fetty Wap 7. "Squeeze" 8. "Gonna Get Better" 9. "Scared Of Happy" 10. "Not That Kinda Girl" feat. Missy Elliott Deluxe edition 11. "Dope" 12. "No Way" UK bonus track 13. "Worth It (No Rap)"
  5. TRACK LISTING: 1. Voodoo2. Champagne Problems3. Close4. Chainsaw5. Touch6. Bacon7. Good Girls8. The Difference9. Don’t Make Me Choose10. Under You11. Unhinged12. Comfortable Deluxe Edition: 13. Testify 14. When We Get Home (feat. Daniella Mason) 15. That's What They All Say 16. Jealous 17. Chains 18. Levels
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