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  1. The Gould Runner

    Albums coming in 2018

    Looking forward to albums by Aly & AJ Astrid S Carly Rae Jepsen Dagny Dylan Gardner Echosmith Ellie Goulding Kim Petras Owl City Pale Waves Phoebe Ryan Sky Ferreira Troye Sivan The Veronicas
  2. The Gould Runner

    Who Have You Met?

    I met so many artists I've stanned for over five years this year. It makes me grateful with all the mess that was 2017. Anyhow, here is a list of all the artists and bands I've met until now! Cardiknox (x2) Dylan Gardner Emily Kinney (x2) Elise Trouw FLETCHER (x2) Hey Violet Honne Jesserae Lana Del Rey Lights Lo Moon London Grammar MUNA Phoebe Ryan (x2) Poppy (If you count the VR meet & greet LMAO) Secret Weapons Tolan Shaw
  3. The Gould Runner

    Made Up Album Thread

    Phoebe Ryan - Phoebe Ryan (2018) 01. Chronic 02. Waking Up With You 03. Dark Side 04. In His Car 05. Ring 06. Dollar Bill (feat. Kid Ink) 07. Boyz n Poizn 08. Excited 09. Lost Boys 10. STUP1D 11. Unicorn 12. My Kind Of Love
  4. The Gould Runner

    Phoebe Ryan - James EP

    After a year of releasing multiple singles, Phoebe Holiday Ryan (Phoebe Ryan) announced last week that she will be releasing a new EP. The James EP will be out this Friday, the 27th of October in preparation for her upcoming US tour. According to Ryan, the James EP "tells a story from beginning to end. It's not a love story, but it is about love." The five-track EP will contain only two new songs we have yet to listen to in studio quality, having been performed on tour last year. Tracklist: 01. Should I 02. Be Real 03. Aspirin 04. James Has Changed 05. Forgetting All About You (feat. blackbear) What do you think of the tracklist? Is another EP the right step? When asked about an album, Ryan answered on Twitter, posting; "Like when I put my full length album out I want it to be the best shit ever - EP's are a good way to test a direction, see what works, etc." It seems we will have to wait even longer for that debut LP but for now, this EP will have to do.
  5. The Gould Runner

    What are your favorite albums of 2017 so far?

    05. Declan McKenna - What Do You Think About the Car? 04. MisterWives - Connect The Dots 03. Paramore - After Laughter 02. Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life 01. MUNA - About U
  6. The Gould Runner

    Who Have You Seen Live?

    Updated with * = those I met Adam Tressler [x2] Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness Bad Suns Bea Miller Bebe Rexha Bees Knees * Broods Cardiknox [x2] ** Conway DREAMCAR Dylan Gardner * Ellie Goulding [x2] Elise Trouw * Emily Kinney [x3] ** FYOHNA Handsome Ghost Hey Violet [x2] * HONNE * Imagine Dragons Jacob Jeffries Jessarae Khalid Lana Del Rey Lo Moon * Lorde London Grammar * Manila Killa Mark Johns Melanie Martinez MUNA New Politics Paramore Phoebe Ryan [x3] ** Secret Weapons [x2] * The Revivialists Tolan Shaw * Tove Lo VIP Tickets already purchased for shows in October Banners Echosmith Poppy
  7. The Gould Runner

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    It's been leaked for a long time. Pretty sure this is it http://picosong.com/igvN/
  8. The Gould Runner

    Rate The Song Above

    8/10 I love how it keeps the same vibe as the original
  9. The Gould Runner

    Who Have You Seen Live?

    Updated with * those I met Adam Tressler (x2) Bebe Rexha Bees Knees Broods * Cardiknox (x2) Conway * Dylan Gardner Ellie Goulding (x2) * Emily Kinney (x3) Handsome Ghost Hey Violet * Honne Jacob Jeffries * Jessarae * Lo Moon * London Grammar Melanie Martinez * Muna * Phoebe Ryan (x3) * Secret Weapons (x2) Tove Lo
  10. The Gould Runner

    Your Favourite Albums of 2016

    BANKS - The Altar Broods - Conscious Carly Rae Jepsen - Emotion B-Side Daya - Sit Still, Look Pretty Rosemay Fairweather - Heavenly Sabrina Carpenter - EVOLution Skylar Grey - Natural Causes Tove Lo - Ladywood Various Artists - Bridget Jone's Baby (Soundtrack) Zella Day - Man On The Moon / Hunnie Pie
  11. The Gould Runner

    Who Have You Seen Live?

    Ellie Goulding - Halcyon Days Tour with Conway Emily Kinney - This Is War Tour with Dylan Gardner and Adam Tressler Melanie Martinez - Cry Baby Tour with Handsome Ghost Emily Kinney - This Is War Release Party with Jacob Jeffries and Adam Tressler Ellie Goulding - Delirium World Tour with Broods and Bebe Rexha Emily Kinney - Grammy Museum Event Phoebe Ryan - Boyz N Poizn Tour with Cardiknox and Secret Weapons (x2)
  12. The Gould Runner

    Pokémon Sun & Moon

    I never got into X&Y but the new graphic change has convinced me to give this a chance. The fire cat thing looks promising.
  13. The Gould Runner

    2 Troye Sivan Covers

    The ones I use are pretty basic.

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