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Found 4 results

  1. Pre-The Veronicas Demo CDs: Unknown Year: unknown title Christmas CD: (as Lisa & Jessica) (unknown tracklist) 1998: If You Don't Know What Love Is: (as Lisa & Jessica) If You Don't Know What Love Is If You Don't Know What Love Is (Pop/Dance Version) Everybody Needs If You Don't Know What Love Is (No VOX Mix) 2002: Double Trouble: (as Lisa & Jessica) Vibe [2000] The Real Me [2000] Tell Me Why [1999] Get Down [1998] Gotta Be [1999] Double Trouble [1998] 2002: Showtime: (as Lisa & Jessica, all songs
  2. Anyone remember when The Veronicas recorded some tracks with Cherie Currie back in 2011? And then around two years later, Cherie was saying she had no idea why they weren't out yet... ...they're coming out this month!!! "It will be coming out in September, I never though it would see the light of day.” I know the Life On Mars era was one of my all time fave sounds... who else is hype af for this to finally drop?!
  3. Dami Im sang Alive by Sia at the Commonwealth Games 2018. so far people think she saved the night, and also the funny thing about The Veronicas as backup singers for Dami Im.all good! they are friends no shade but yeah,
  4. The Veronicas Vocal Range: C3-E6-E♭7 Voice Type:Sopranos Significant High Notes: E(b)7 ("Mother Mother" live) C♯7 ("Take Me On The Floor") B6 ("Mother Mother" live) B♭6 ("Good Times", "Mother Mother" live Revenge is Sweeter Tour DVD", "Take Me on The Floor" various lives) A6 ("Mother Mother" various lives) G♯6 ("Take Me on The Floor" various lives) G6 ("Good Times") F♯6 ("Rock You Like A Hurricane", "Take Me On The Floor") F6 ("Revolution" live) E6 ("Revenge Is Sweeter (Than You Ever Were)" live Revenge is Sweeter Tour DVD, "Take Me on The Floor" various lives) C♯6 ("Back To Life") B5 ("R
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