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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Guys! Today i gomma make a list of all the Brazilian Artists that you should know about! this is the part one, so if you want another part, just coment💗 And here is a playlist if you wanna hear all of then https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4UBCbREQXNg3dbgOAdWUvR?si=SGEg8d5wSCifRvs53upMPA 1 - Anitta Already knwen by a big part of the world, Larissa de Macedo Machado, better known by her stage name Anitta, is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, businesswoman and presenter, She released her first album called "Anitta" in early 2010/2011, she started becaming a famous popstar by being featured in maluma songs and other DJ's, it made the sony music international look at her and give her a chance to be officially part of Sony International, she released her first album in english called "Bananas", it was not very suported by the critics, but she begin, and released the album "Versions Of Me" , "Envolver" one of the singles & part of the album became a smash hit all arround the world. 2 - Pabllo Vittar Phabullo Rodrigues da Silva, known by his stage name Pabllo Vittar, is a Brazilian singer, drag queen and presenter, she started her carrear at 2016 with the smash album "Não Para Não", she becames famous internationally by participing of somethings like: • a participation in a Super Drags Episode •Feats with International artists (Rina Sawayanna, Tiesto, etc...) • Being a big indie artists suporter She just released her new album "NOITADA" that haves a vibe of brazilian nightclubs and parties 3 - Glória Groove Daniel Garcia Felicione Napoleão, better known by his stage name Gloria Groove, is a Brazilian singer, rapper, songwriter, drag queen and voice actor. He began his career in 2002 in the group Galera do Balão, a new version of Turma do Balão Mágico. Her new album "LADY LESTE" is avalible now I'll continue the post tomorrow because I'm very tired, please engage a lot & follow me💗
  2. Did you guys like/know brazilian music? I'm from Brazil and right now i think our music is doing soo good, then i want to ask your opinion and share 4 songs if u want to know, hope yall like and maybe search more about these artists haha 1 is obvioslly Anitta: She is our queen, probably the biggest name on music here on the last years, she is coming for the international carrer and already have songs with artists like Alesso, Iggy Azalea, J Balvin, Maluma and Major Lazer. She will be on Rita Ora's new album too. My pick for her own songs is one in Portuguese from her thirth album 'Bang'. Jão is my lil' baby boy, he started with covers on youtube and last year started released her own songs, just in the beggining of te carrer, but already have 3 amazing videos and i really love all of these. Pabllo Vittar is another icon, a drag queen that come and get a huge space breaking a lot of records, she is now the most followed drag queen on instagram and the one with most views in her videos, yes, even more than tha Drag Race-Gurls and even RuPaul. She's also on Sua Cara by Major Lazer and Anitta, her debut álbum have a single with Diplo and is have a coming music with Titica, the queen of Kuduro. She's also in the 'Brazilian Bang-Bang' Joga Bunda with Aretuza Lovi and Gloria Groove. For last, this is Banda Uó, sadly now their disband and is coming for solo, but they let us one of the best work we ever seen, and we really hope for a comeback in the future. Also the single 'Gringo', was produced by Diplo. That's just a little bit from our big and amazing music, i really hope you guys like, and if yal'l want more artists, watch IZA (Pop/Reggae), Ludmilla (Pop/Funk), Gloria Groove (Pop/Rap), Lia Clark (Pop/Funk), Simone & Simaria (Pop/Sertanejo) or Karol Conká (Pop/Rap).
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