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  1. ok good, as long as it's still in the works, I'm fine lol omfg, right. but the album will still flawless, nonetheless, so this one shall be EPIC
  2. Tumblr already is eating her up LOL. But honestly, once the group breaks up, I could see her going in the direction that Beyoncé's career went.
  3. honestly, after hearing her cover of Fake Love x Sneakin', I think she'd be something close to Beyonce imo don't @ me tho
  4. Maaaan, fuck this stupid ass bitch. Like highkey the only thing she really got her with is the whole Gaga clone shit. Everything else is mad bullshit. And honestly Azealia has no right to be calling anyone a clone and shit. Want me to remind you where she got her flow for Liquorice? Right. Onika. Besides, she's just mad because she missed her opportunity to get under Nicki's wing when she denied to open for her during her Roman Reloaded Tour. Then the bitch had the audacity to diss Nicki for it. Like hoe you said no. So this who "I was there for you now pay me back" bullshit is B U L L S H I T
  5. I think Adele deserves this. Even if her vocals weren't as amazing as she has done before, I totally feel that the album as a whole was phenomenal. But I also feel that Ariana has potential to take this spot. her album was really good and had some bangers for sure.
  6. Well with Nicki's game you can actually write lyrics while sharing with others and record your own songs on custom beats and share that with others as well. I have a song that's currently #564 . Also, if you were to purchase the membership, you'd get access to record on a Pinkprint outtake alongside with Nicki.
  7. SIGN UP FOR THIS ONE DOE. It's honestly a lot more fun and you can actually interact with people. PLUS SHE'S CHOOSING PEOPLE TO GET FREE TICKETS EVERY WEEK IN DECEMBER. Girl, you betta hop on that.
  8. So Nicki Minaj is the latest celebrity to link up with Glu Entertainment to create a mobile app game. Now, I know what you're thinking "Did this bitch really copy the likes of Kim K, Kylie & Kendall, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift? Bitch yes she did and not to be biased (totally am being biased) it's the best that Glu has released out of all their celebrity collaborations. You actually get to write your own raps, record and mix, and share with others. Nicki has even stated that people with high scores will win tickets to up coming shows. (MEANING THAT THIS BITCH BOUT READY TO DROP HER ALBUM)
  9. bitch, you know Beyonce deserves 7 out of her 8 noms.
  10. Mariah is just a mess. Ever since Ariana Grande came up AND showed that she's a lot more humble (and the bitch licked a damn donut) it's like she got al the life forced sucked out of her. I love it.
  11. 1. Beyoncè - LEMONADE 2. Drake - Views 3. Rihanna - ANTI 4. Mac Miller - The Divine Feminine 5. Tinashe - Nightride 7. NAO - For All We Know 8. Frank Ocean - BLOND 9. Chance The Rapper - Coloring Book 10 TWENTY88 - TWENTY88 11. ZAYN - Mind of Mine
  12. Pisces, wby boo? R I G H T . these people were really on some trippy shit lmao
  13. I love the video and I am going to purchase this. If I end up dying because it was cyanide in disguise, well, it was nice knowing you all.
  14. I was fucking with this heavy for a while, it's a cover of The Weeknd's "Tell Your Friends"
  15. uh, what does it do lmao honestly, like who thought up all this shit ?!
  16. isn't it the most trippiest and fucked up shit lmao i love it
  17. Bruh, Starboy to Lonerboy, I'm feeling some way

    1. Tweener


      Your new pp is so awesome! 


    2. Kevinn Edu
  18. Alrighty . I guess my solo version of Thunda is gonna drop tonight 👀
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