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Found 10 results

  1. They have probably the worst discography i've ever heard from a girlgroup except for the last album, but i'll miss bops like "All In My Head (Flex)", "The Life" and "Sauced Up". Wish them all the best for the solo careers even though deep down i think they all will flop
  2. until
    01 Down (feat. Gucci Mane) 02 He Like That 03 Sauced Up 04 Make You Mad 05 Deliver 06 Lonely Night 07 Don't Say You Love Me 08 Angel 09 Messy 10 Bridges
  3. The trash girl group known as Fifth Harmony copied a smaller band, Terror Jr, song for their new flop single Down Syndrome. Come First: Down: The choruses sound the exact same!
  4. Music producer itstherascals posted a pic with Iggy in the studio via IG and tagged Dinah. they've also posted one with lauren before. Could this mean she's collabing with them on 5h3's lead single/album track or is it just Dinah collabing with Iggy for her upcoming album digital distortion?
  5. Camila Cabello is shook! Following the announcement late last year that Camila was quitting the group to focus on solo activities and several days of back and forth between her and the remaining band members, all of the girls had pretty much gone radio silent, with the only news from their respective camps saying that both were working on individual albums. But shots have been now fired in the classiest of ways, with the remaining members of Fifth Harmony officially debuting as a foursome in a high energy performance at the People's Choice Awards last night. The remaining girls
  6. 2016 may have been marked by some as a year of loss, with notable celebrity deaths including David Bowie, Prince, George Michael, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds tarnishing the seasons for many; but at least in pop music it was a year of great success and activity, with major releases from some of our consistently brilliant pop girls (Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Rihanna) and some unexpectedly stellar debuts from newer artists who weren't even a blip on our radar last year (Terror Jr, Kiiara and Dua Lipa) keeping us going through the tragedies that dotted the months. With so many great sing
  7. Fans of Fifth Harmony - or Harmonisers, as anyone under the age of fifteen would know them as - were left disappointed on Friday night after one of the five voices, that belonging to Camila Cabello, abruptly departed the group's Missouri concert halfway through the show. Following the quintet's performance of their single 'Boss', Cabello left the stage for what her bandmates initially described as a temporary "wardrobe malfunction". Disappointingly, though, Camila never turned to the stage, forcing the remaining members to finish off the last seven songs in their set as a four-piece.
  8. Seven year old Brooke Howes is making headline news this week for quite an upsetting reason. While heading home one day from school, she was humming a tune by Fifth Harmony to herself when she was suddenly attacked by 3 boys from the same school. Howes' mother, Lianne, was waiting for her daughter and saw the whole incident go down from beyond the school gate. Allegations range from being pushed over, hit her head, punched, kicked and had her fingers bent back. One of the boys is said to have even spat in her face. According to Lianne, "she was wearing a summer dress a
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