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  1. It's the Official Instrumental!! Amazing Voice AS ALWAYS
  2. before the la la la stems, the chorus is completely empty (no acapella) so i had to fill it in with that stems
  3. Sometimes I'm A Sad Machine (Mashup) I Added Subtitles, just to make it easier to sing this mashup!
  4. PixelEmpire

    Tkay Maidza - TKAY

    i don't know but i know her from Troye Sivan - DKLA he's featuring her for rap verse she's from AUSTRALIA!!
  5. DON'T KEEP WRONG LOVE AROUND (SNIPPET MASHUP) i already finish this mashup but i'm not sure ppl gonna like it give me your opinion about this snippet that i make
  6. but if someone make that mashup happen, it's gonna be amazing
  7. Lana Del Rey vs. Halsey - National Americana
  8. need a bit of adjustments here and there but nice try has some potential going on!
  9. even tho i can't listen the mashup, i think both pic & mashup are SLAYS! her head is EVERYTHING!
  10. this is lovely! i like this so much!
  11. i rarely do this kind of remix. but when i hear Tennessee, i immediately remix it with Monster (Kick Stem) by Lady Gaga Kiiara - Tennessee (Original Song) Lady Gaga - Monster (Kick Stem) LISTEN : TENNESSEE (REMIX STEM)
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