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  1. thank god! i suddenly felt guilty! one of them was a truly arrogant and petulant chap, and when some months back someone wrote he/she flet away i said it was finally a relief not the most friendly user, but not so much to celebrate his/her death
  2. Died like really died, or is it a way to say that the user doesn't log in anymore? 😳
  3. i was referring to Joan in the last part, don't worry, being a stan of a group is not as worrying as being outrageusly rude toanyone sharing music, was just referring to him/her
  4. I wasn't suggesting to ban the poor thing , it's just a joke cause 'the evil is defeated' thing made me laugh. and as Moonchild said they both have trouble respecting the rules. Despite being equally a little bit obsessive, at least StepsStan is polite, Joan was awfully rude. I had Joan on ignore I guess, but I could still see the reactions of other users rightly pissed by his behaviour. I find this thread funny, can't help it, but I love some replies and I feel a bit guilty for that Even if he (Joan) was a terrible user I hope he (Joan) is alright anyway, everywehere he is,
  5. don't know if this is the right place to post this, BUT what the hell is this??? Dixie D'amelio feat, Madonna?? is this real or just a random DBree spam? snippet
  6. Omg I don't even want to know what that is, won't Google it cause I know my heart would break again. Animals are pure innocence and owe respect and protection. We won't get rid of all these new shitty deseases coming up until we won't stop slaughtering, caging, beating, skinning or eating anything moving on this phucking planet.
  7. when trying to get infos on this on changeorg I stumbled upon help requests from Peta, some freak researchers are cutting owls skulls open to conduct studies on human deficit attention (with no useful results by the way) and also kittens get their skulls cut open and their nerves cut for some experimental reason... I even saw a video of a kitten after bein used for an experiment in a cage, havin convulsions not being able to stand in front of his helpless mum. Why are we humans so shitty and heartless? I have no words
  8. Aren't there like 8 unreleased RedOne Gaga song for that album? Or is it Joanne? 🤔 Maybe we'll finally get a decent quality version of Nothing On But The Radio
  9. i actually loved to see your posts in latest leaks section, sometimes you posted things i didn't see, and i liked to understand if something was fanmade or legit. i grew up in a family where people were kind to each other so it comes natural to be nice, at least to me, it's my first natural approach to people both in life and online, i really can't understand when someone acts like an old crab, i always wonder about the background or education behind that person, maybe it's just the internet that conveys a lot of frustrations sadly.
  10. I'll look for it cheers 😉
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