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  1. i'll try to give an opinion, i'm super worried to use wrong words and sound rude but it's definitely not my intention so try to understand through my broken english :-) this is a place i enjoy and people are actually pretty friendly, generally more friendly than leakedcx users, might be a question of age, but that's how it turns out to be. the only thing that i noticed that might work better is the setting of sections: people actually come here mostly for the leaks and sharing their trackers and their music, many other chat sections looks pretty empty and some parts actually look lik
  2. Have you tried changing DNS?
  3. Thanks a lot bb I just access to the site back 😔
  4. @Black Jack have you fixed it? Still off for me.
  5. Why on earth does downforeveryoneorjustme tell me dbree is down for everybody when it's actually just for me, since some people are still seeing the site?? Wt hell is going on?
  6. Hey thanks so much for you offer bb ❤️ I'm not actually looking for something specific, it's just that once in a while I like checking what's popular and it pisses me off I cannot open the site for unknown reasons
  7. @Black Jack not working for me again LOL, i have no word, what a mess it was just up for a few hours then went off again
  8. I'm in IT and it's not working for me, heard people from FR and it's not working for them either. But there's another guy located in IT and it works for him... It's all super weird, don't know what's going on, .me domain worked for me up to 4 days ago
  9. may you help me with a link please if i'll sned it to you in pm?
  10. i just can't. don't know why :-/
  11. that's super weird, i cannot access it using a proxy... can you access it right now with a vpn?
  12. don't know where i can post this kind of thread but i guess this is the right place. it appears like all dbree domains (.me and .org) are down from here, don't know if it's a geoblock but the weird thing is that,still i see people posting dbree links actually everywhere... but site appears to be unreachable via proxy as well and downformeoreveryone says the site is down for all, how can that be? i truly can't understand what's going on. so is dbree unavailable for you too?
  13. This is the Alamy page selling the pack https://www.alamy.it/casanova-mann-mit-venezianischer-maske-casanova-uomo-con-maschera-veneziana-image68584470.html
  14. Thanks so much for offering, even if I think it's almost impossible. These are usually non famous models, shoots like this are made just to be sold and used for whatever, advertising, flyers, whatever. Dreamtime, alamy sell these photos in stock packs.
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