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  1. i read this on an italian blog, it's truly awful, feel sorry for the dogsitter (who appears to be one of GaGa's close friends) and feel sorry for the dogs too, i'd go mad if sb tried to hurt or kidnap my furry boy. anyone willing to hurt a defensless animal is just a sh*tty human being capable of anything, as this revolting episode confirms. we really need to start giving animals the respect they owe.
  2. A little too perfect, that's right, she probably had some sort of live help I guess my friend is right
  3. Yes, I was just joking actually 😜 She's done quite a number of awful live performances along the years, but her performance at the white house for Biden was actually brilliant, she sounded brilliant, she nailed it even better than GaGa (provided she was really live of course). A friend of mine says it was partially live, and autotuned.
  4. hi bb missed your covers on LT :-) glad to see you again
  5. LT drama 2.0 leakth.is ex members created a new site (www.leaked.is) almost identical to leakth.is, saying that the site will be up until/if LT 1.0 won't come back (which is absolutely what will happen, since mods on discord are officially stating that the site will NEVER come back and they'll go on solely as a chat community on discord). LT 1.0 peep are pissed about newly born LT 2.0... so why did they ever shut their damn site down then? Love all this nosense drama about a nosense site shut down :-) it's got actually less sense than the IT government crisis happening for no
  6. for anyone interested in the LT drama, insiders say there were squabbles between mods.
  7. yep man, they were off and on several times for short times these last 2 yearish, and a couple of months ago, just before going off permanently, they had a major cloudflare mess that it took them several days to fix Up to summer 2019 it was all great, but st happened right after august i guess, the site started being unstable, i haven't a clue of what has happened but they couldn't keep it stable, just couldn't. I might be wrong but it really felt like they gave a huge, perfect, fast and modern car in the hands of inexperienced kids, that made it crash... this is just a feeling.
  8. if ashura776 and aviciinternational from the forum see this hit me up, 808Dream from LT here 😉 Zio se vedi questo messaggio scrivimi in privato
  9. Not unless you're one of the Elkann kids probably 😂
  10. Yes, most probably. LT was really good for several reasons, but there were bad signs all the way: it took ages to fix that cloud flare thing a couple of months ago, they also already had been offline one year back. it actually felt like sb let underage inexperienced kids drive a Ferrari Testarossa.
  11. Admin death was just a stupid joke, on discord they're saying that it's not coming back, official news.
  12. Maybe something like the planned No More Tears cover which was supposed to be a duet with Anastacia, I'd L❤️VE that! If only JLo could sing it
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