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Found 3 results

  1. I remember some users at the "Latest Leaks" thread talking and asking for a masterpost about songs offered and/or rejected by the princess of pop, and while this is not a masterpost, this could help in case somebody wants to do one or just want to know about this. Any new information, correction, etc. can be shared so i could update this. Gonna skip the tracks that Britney officially released. Keys: Italic = Britney recorded the track Bold = Track was given to another artist ...Baby One More Time era (1996-1999) Oops!... I Did It Again (1999-2000) Britney era (2000-2001) In The Zone era (2001-2003) Blackout era (2004-2007) Circus era (2007-2008) Femme Fatale era (2009-2011) Britney Jean era (2012-2013) Glory (2014-2016) B10 (2017-present) Masterpost Here's the masterpost where you will find all the leaked writer's and producer's demos, as well as reference tracks for her. Hope i did not forget anything lol:
  2. hello, here is a list of singers that we need unreleased songs (songs rejected during sessions from an album) from them to leak this year: Kelly Clarkson Avril Lavigne (TBTT, GL, AL and UMS unleaked songs) Taylor Swift Ariana Grande Selena Gomez Beyonce Adele (21 and 25 unleakeds) Mariah Carey (especially her demo tape back in 1990's) Britney Spears (ITZ and Blackout unleaked) Lady Gaga (Artpop Act 2) Rihanna Xtina Demi Lovato Madonna (LAP, AL, Music and ROL unleakeds) Dua Lipa Camila Cabello Rita Ora Charli XCX Katy Perry Gwen Stefani Jennifer Lopez Fifth Harmony Iggy Azalea Kylie Minogue Tinashe (Underneath The Lights, By Your Side, Level Up, Not For Nothing and I Might Be) Ciara Lana Del Rey Kesha Bebe Rexha (AYF outtakes + TLT and NAA) Zara Larsson JoJo (mad love outtakes) What unreleased/demos from your favorite artists you wish that it will leak this year?
  3. Made another cover, this time for the Trouble demos. Just took the back of the album and untagged the hair. Kinda a long process but I think it turned out really nice! It also looks good in iTunes next to the original cover if I do say so myself Let me know what you think. As always, I can change it up to your liking
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