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  1. All in all, Strawberry Shortcake is surprisingly my favorite out of all of the snippets! Class Fight is really good, not the best, but honestly it's very Crybaby-esque imo.
  2. Holy moly! I've met a real life grape connoisseur! wOw!
  3. Sis issa joke! I ain't bullying anyone! Im so sorry if you misunderstood 😞
  4. Hello, everyone! Welcome to Daily Tea Time! Hosted by yours truly. I will be spilling tea/sharing drama with you guys every day if y'all react well! Anyways, the tea for today is a story from my trip to an arcade the other day. I saw this little girl and her younger brother on a Dance Dance Revolution machine, and when they were done, I leaned over after finishing my Tetris game and asked, "How'd you get so good at bowling...?" (Referencing a vine). They both just stared at me. I then asked, "That's bowling, right?" To which the girl walked away laughing. Then, later, two other girls used the machine and I asked the same question. They stared at me and I asked my second question again. TheSE CHICKS THOUGHT I WAS MENTALLY HANDICAPPED. She bends down to look me in the eyes and says slowly "This is Dance Dance Revolution, sweetie!" They then strolled away like nothing happened. Ive been in awe how UNCULTURED these fucking people are of vines. It churns my stomach. It literally wants to make me vomit. I'm literally shaking and crying and pissing and screaming on the floor right now because of how UNCULTURED those kids are of vines.
  5. Reported. Have a fun time getting warned/kicked 😌
  6. Thank you so much!! Means so much to have such a nice person around 🥰
  7. How come everyone here looks like a snacc and I'm out her looking like an acne-ridden goblin 😩
  8. Awww thank you!! Yes, that is me haha! Thank you so much for the compliment! The disease thing is a joke, by the way! I was calling myself stupid 😂
  10. Heyooo!! Obviously I'm new here! I would love to make some friends, so here's a little get-to-know-me page! My name is David, I'm 15, an Aries, and... Tragically, I have dumb bitch disease . If you find a cure for it, please notify me! My top 7 female artists/groups: Melanie Martinez Grimes Poppy Lana Del Rey Lorde Halsey Florence + the Machine My top 7 male artists/groups: Jack Stauber T.O.P. AJR Joji Gorillaz Conan Gray Cavetown HMU to talk about anything or if you need any emotional support/prayer/etc.!! I love talking to people and helping as much as I can!

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