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  1. Y'all AGAIN?? I feel like I should send Rita some money or something every month for the hilarious headlines she gives us God damn
  2. Man every time Rita Ora starts bringing me back over to her side she does something stupid or acts a fool and then sends me right back out ?? This one's funny though lol she's so touchy
  3. I remember hearing about this! I think it was Danja or Timbaland talked about it being some kind of blackout 2.0. It got me quite excited, so I was a little confused when the first single ended up being work bitch but I still love that one too LOL Too bad we got what we got ? Edit: actually, do y'all remember shortly after Britney Jean released Danja dropped that demo beat that he had made for whatever the album was going to be and dropped that remix of Hot as Ice did in the style of what the album was going to be? Those were both phenomenal sneak peeks
  4. I just never been so invested in both the individual members of a girl group and the girl group as a whole before. Fifth Harmony kinda got me, but that was more because of the drama between all the girls than anything else LOL You know what that's a fair point. And from what I've read, it's already metastasizing and spreading. It doesn't look awesome, but we say hopeful ❤️
  5. I heard this yesterday, I was so devastated! Girls Aloud was and still is one of the most phenomenal girl groups I've ever heard, I've never seen a package like them. Between SOPHIE and now this, looking like 2021 is going to be the year I lose a lot of my favorite celebrities. I'm hoping she can pull up Kylie Minogue going to come through on the other side! I couldn't imagine the rock to your system to hear that
  6. Omg I KNEW you were cute! I love when I'm right I have new face updates. Like metal! These were on a hike like a week ago while I was stoned in the woods ? ask for the socials, let's be friends ?
  7. Oh bitch these are easily the best. First I is standard, second is Deluxe,
  8. Can I just say, as someone who lost their shit daily to Silly Boy back in like 2009 to 2011, I'm really disappointed in everything she's been dropping LOL. I thought this was all going to be so much better, but if nothing else I'm glad it's all coming to light. This was definitely not the turn I saw her career taking in 2020 but whatever, I'll take it LOL
  9. I'd love to be back! I signed on right when I was getting promoted at work and doing more trainings, so I just haven't been active on my Discord in general, so I was really disappointed when I started to get back on and saw that I wasn't in any more either
  10. IDK If they do, But I CERTAINLY do if you would be so kind
  11. Nope, real blood brought on by dry weather ?
  12. I think at this point their strong marriage IS the hype. I'm here for it
  13. This news destroyed me ngl. They were MY POWER CELEB Couple. Now I just have to hope Chrissy and John last it out
  14. They're kinda my thing. They started as a joke but now I love them and might actually have a lil kink for blood (if I enjoyed sex that is)
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