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  1. Can I just say, as someone who lost their shit daily to Silly Boy back in like 2009 to 2011, I'm really disappointed in everything she's been dropping LOL. I thought this was all going to be so much better, but if nothing else I'm glad it's all coming to light. This was definitely not the turn I saw her career taking in 2020 but whatever, I'll take it LOL
  2. I'd love to be back! I signed on right when I was getting promoted at work and doing more trainings, so I just haven't been active on my Discord in general, so I was really disappointed when I started to get back on and saw that I wasn't in any more either
  3. IDK If they do, But I CERTAINLY do if you would be so kind
  4. Nope, real blood brought on by dry weather 😘
  5. I think at this point their strong marriage IS the hype. I'm here for it
  6. This news destroyed me ngl. They were MY POWER CELEB Couple. Now I just have to hope Chrissy and John last it out
  7. They're kinda my thing. They started as a joke but now I love them and might actually have a lil kink for blood (if I enjoyed sex that is)
  8. HE'S. NOT. HOT. Get over it. I can't belive him and Cheryl have a kid she deserves better
  9. I just love the visible camera quality difference lmao
  10. Funnily enough, that is the oldest one. About two years old. The closer to the top,m the newer they are, with the first one being about three weeks
  11. Thank you babe Yes sir it's @elluminaticonfirmed
  12. OOOOOOOOOOH I'm REALLY resisting the urge to just like overload this with like 300 selfies

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