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  1. Idk. I just know they offered me Violins and Spotlight by Julia Michaels. And then said it would “be nice” if I just let them listen to the song
  2. I keep telling you people... receipts!!!
  3. Why because I wouldn’t take leaked Julia Michaels songs for it?? Go away loser
  4. You could be right too. I mean speculative right 😂. But i think IFSFWY was definitely recorded after glory. Pitbull did an interview in early 2017 about how Britney recorded a song with him but they were going to put Camila on it. He said a bunch of compliments about her but it “just didn’t work out”. He said he hoped he got to work with Britney again. That song was supposed yo be a promo single for the Piece Of Me Tour. I kind of wish it was released tbh. I love that song
  5. I will let you know when I find. The Pitbull/J Balvin, Pitbull/Marc Anthony and technically the BSB collab were post Glory. Britney recorded matches in 2015 and the BSB recorded it later during their DNA album sessions. The version of Matches pre-release is the first mix of the demos together. It doesn’t include nick carter on lead. The released version has AJ and Nick on lead vocals in the first verse. Most people overlooked that. There are most definitely more Ian Kirkpatrick songs and most likely more Matthew Koma Songs. I’ve also heard of a David Guetta collab but that isn’t confirmed
  6. It was never confirmed how much Britney recorded around that time. Make Me, Exaholic, SWTS & Matches do all come from those sessions. But Britney did say she didn’t know if an Album would come after Pretty Girls because she was working on it “slowly”. I know exaholic was circulating for over a year before the leak. I doubt it came from the scammers since it leaked bare bones and then with the final production. There are a few more track titles going around and there will probably be more leaks sooner or later. There are Britney leaks every year
  7. All good. Repeat is great but it seems it was taken off of YouTube. I think I downloaded it so I’ll give a look. I agree about scary. I think she’s been screaming for help through the songs she picks for years. As she said “if I don’t like it, I don’t record it. At least she keeps some kind of control
  8. Heartbreak Song Demos by Kara Dioguardi &
  9. https://dbree.org/v/d7bd36 this is Tinashe but it’s good. Anyone know who the vocalist is?
  10. Let’s be clear though. The final mix of Pull Out has Lil Jon on vocals also. But this is a HQ version of the song we’ve never had. But I want that lil Jon flavor. I also heard that Britney recorded a song called Hey Girl produced by lil Jon but I wasn’t given receipts. I didn’t have Britney to trade for that so I wasn’t given a snippet
  11. Pull out is blackout and rockstar is Britney/In The Zone
  12. I think these are legit. They sound legit
  13. This will be great. There’s so many songs and demos I come across that I’m not sure about
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