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  1. You’re dumb. Leave me alone and stop messaging my dm. Bye
  2. Myah does not have the song I offered because it’s not her. This is my last time acknowledging you exist. I also have a snippet of the song offered to me and it does not sound like Britney. Which I mention I’m our private messages. Mind your business stupid
  3. He’s literally so crazy. First he never heard of the song. Then he heard a myah marie version. Then said he wanted a snippet to verify because his song is “absolutely real” Like no lmao
  4. I did not try to trade you any myah Marie songs. I clarified that they were not myah. Why don’t you post our messages dummy
  5. lmao I can’t with you people. You literally must be him???. Read your messages coogan. You tried to scam me. I’ll post them if I have too. Or you can if you’d like
  6. ? What. I was contacted. Not the other way around
  7. Sorry for the late response. My notifications don’t tell me when sorry ass losers quote me. And I’ve never scammed anyone. I’ve been scammed twice in the past month however. And I even warned people that I know trade those artists. It was just funny because @MichaelDCoogan was messaging me about Britney and then all of a sudden I was a Britney scammer ? you people are bored af. Receipts receipts receipts.... I also see you’re logging in to your other account to try to get Livvi franc songs. You’ll never get mine loser
  8. https://dbree.org/v/86081f I just wanted to report myself. Apparently I’m a scammer again ????
  9. I only know of 1. There are a couple engligh songs circulating but I’m not sure how heavily
  10. Idk. I just know they offered me Violins and Spotlight by Julia Michaels. And then said it would “be nice” if I just let them listen to the song
  11. I keep telling you people... receipts!!!
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