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  1. I was just gonna post that lol I was looking for it. But she said she has the original tracks. So we’ll probably get them eventually
  2. Yes. It was in a recent interview. Idr which one. But they asked her about it and she said she “just” found them
  3. Fun fact. Mariah actually found her versions. I wish she would. Just put them out already
  4. @Landy sorry i forgot how to read byeeeee!
  5. Let’s also report @marylin2 for trying to trade me fake songs. I have actual receipts if anyone would like them. Fake song titles lol. Really tried it. Maybe that’s you @Landy
  6. I would like to report @Landy for trading and selling songs he or she doesn’t have. Says he’s a man but acts like a pussy so I’m confused at this point. Thank you. Last time I will respond or address this situation. Thanks you. As this is the second time I was exposed with no evidence that I actually scammed anyone. Which I didn’t. Just wanted to point that out. This is why I don’t fuck with you pop queers like that. I’m super careful with all you hoes
  7. And you’re the real joke selling and trading songs you don’t have. It’s funny that you posted here. Kind of ironic. Don’t you think
  8. This is funny because I never told you my name. And I didn’t know they were from patreon until you told me as I payed for them. You are a real dummy
  9. Here’s one for Britney. Very interesting cuts
  10. I feel like used to love you was recycled into lose you to love me 😂
  11. Selena Gomez Registered Songs Get Stupid - released by Aston Merrigold Good Old Days - released by Macklemore & Kesha Note To God - released by JoJo (2006) Jake Zyrus (2010) fun fact is that Demi Lovato recorded a song that Jake Zyrus recorded called Nobody’s Singing To Me Lovely - released by Billie Eilish & Khalid Promise Not To Fall - released by Human Touch Sanctify (with Yungblud) - released by Years & Years Start Again - released by Onerepublic Used To Love You - released by Gwen Stefani Your Love - released by Haerts
  12. I’ve found more songs registered with her as an artist. I’m gonna update as soon as I get through the repertoire
  13. Just saw this. With all the selena gomez chatter, can anyone add any songs that aren't here
  14. Welcome. I like it here too. I’m pretty new to the pop music scene. And I’m really enjoying it myself
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