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  1. New Christina aguilera leak according to Twitter?
  2. is this anything to do with the X Factor all stars?
  3. Does anyone have Lovin’ Is Easy? I had it on single back in the day... god knows where that is now! Or even a collection of Hear’Say tracks?!.... I was always more of a Liberty X fan, but would like to hear some of the old Hear’Say songs again!
  4. I love all Leona’s albums... I Am being my least fave, Glassheart being my favourite! Glassheart was never properly promoted, Come Alive would of been a great 2nd single! I wish Mountains had made the album as well!
  5. True, true! I might just have to go then... ?
  6. dannyboixo

    Tinashe - Joyride

    Why has Tinashe never happened in the UK?! None of my friends have even heard of her.... think I need new friends
  7. Obv also here for Leona, MKS/Sugababes, Spice Girls etc... just Cheryl is my #1
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