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  1. I'm banned from the server, someone else will have to get it, there's several people on this thread who can
  2. Was the Naked Bonnie snippet not posted? It should be in PHF Discord still if you search "Bonnie" and look through old messages
  3. It's the same mix right? I can't really tell
  4. Sorry but that was definitely towards you and this website LMAO
  5. My BonBon πŸ’” You can thank @tropicalian for leaking it after trading it. All jokes aside, they really did it lol.
  6. Bonnienators respect the artist πŸ’”
  7. Maybe instead of always demanding for leaks you should take artist's feelings into consideration πŸ€“
  8. There's several Sayonara versions, I hope they don't leak tho!!! My dear BonBons, BonCandy
  9. It just sounds stupid because in a session you do multiple takes while recording, I know Bonnie confirmed the reason herself but it still doesn't make sense, lol. It has to be with the deadline yeah
  10. ??? Did they not let her to sing it again?
  11. https://guitargirlmag.com/news/music-news/cruel-youth-releases-devil-in-paradise/ β€œI started writing this song with my husband Willy after I had just met with Ronnie Spector – my idol from the band The Ronettes. We saw her play a show in the city right after she’d done Glastonbury Festival, 50 years after her first hit – she was my everything! After a 2 hour meeting in a grand hotel uptown, I agreed to try write an EP of original songs for her. She was so kind to me, and I was captured by her memoir detailing her escape from her horrifically abusive marriage to Phil Spector, her pr
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