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Lana is teasing another new song, but I have no idea if it's for a new album or even how many albums she's released at this point :awkwardney: So I thought I'd make a post here where we can discuss whatever it is she's doing next and anything else y'all wanna chat about!

Here's 'Henry, come on':


A post shared by LANA DEL REY (@honeymoon)


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These are pictures of Lana promoting a clothing line by Kim Kardashian. I’m pretty convinced she’s wearing a wig but I like her look here. She looks ‘refreshed’ and has clearly made a personal choice to visibly reduce in size.  I have always found Kim Kardashian to be a rather tacky individual and don’t feel she is a credible or appropriate person for Lana to cross pollinate her alt-singer brand with, unfortunately Lana seems to like her. perhaps by working with her, Lana is subtly shading her singing partner on “Snow on the Beach” (perhaps not).





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Ice Spice has followed both Lana and Jack Antonoff on Instagram which has led to online speculation that Ice Spice may feature on a track from Lana’s next album. These rumours have met with a mixed reaction from Lana’s fanbase with some of the more negative reactions to this rumour having a slightly racist undertone.

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