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  1. Nice. Thanks for posting. I never heard these clips.
  2. I haven't heard this clip. Do you have a clip to shared?
  3. Your designs are amazing. Do you do this professionally? If you don't, I think you need to consider a change of career.
  4. Welcome! What new songs did you find? I hope I haven't missed any leaks.
  5. Thanks for doing this. I can just imagine how brilliant these tracks are.
  6. I so want these to leak. I'm dying to hear them.
  7. Is that an old track or a potential song for her new album?
  8. I found this website which might help. You can only stream but it has worked well for me. I’m still shocked that I have to stream the episodes online because they’re not been broadcast on TV in my country yet. http://newepisodes.co/
  9. I agree. I felt the first couple of episodes felt a bit stiff but they are getting better. The latest episode (S9E4) brought a little tear to my eye.
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