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29 minutes ago, tajd said:

Anything Steps and now solo steps stuff going in at number 2 is tradition at this stage. Very happy she sold well that means more music.

Claire’s debut album was proof that can’t be taken for granted. Also, what does ‘more music’ mean exactly once broken down?

Another album of covers (or originals in the style of the “Euphoria” material)? Originals would inevitably mean flights to Sweden and sessions with Biff Stannard (who’s gonna pay for that)? Demon, who atypically generate 3000 sales (per release) from major label licensed re-issues primarily aimed at old gays?

Plus when Steps debut at No. 2 it means sales of somewhere in the region of 20 k (when Claire does it translates as sales in the region of 7 k)!

How much money can realistically be generated when a high PRS share (royalties) goes to those classic and rarely seen writers behind every track (leaving Claire with no PRS).

I would like to discover next Friday that the album has not dropped like a stone to No. 451, but if it does are Demon going to retain Claire under contract (or let her go, like Sony did last time)?

Claire needs to be very careful what she does next, otherwise another album in the same vein as “Euphoria”, might just tip her in to Jane McDonald/ Hazell Dean/ Nicki French territory on some Energize records type deal (and her vocal chords are literal gold), she’s way too good for touring regional gay clubs doing P.A’s, lip syncing to 7th Heaven remixes whilst some twink gets his life sucking off door staff down the back stairwell!

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On 8/29/2023 at 12:48 PM, tajd said:

Why would I leak stuff for I paid hundreds for? Little unfair on my behalf ain't it. I don't have all of them I am missing 4 tracks.

Someone is trying to monetize Claire downloads on Dbree (that are dropping anyway).

Would you happen to know anything about that?


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19 hours ago, Dax Diameter said:

Someone is trying to monetize Claire downloads on Dbree (that are dropping anyway).

Would you happen to know anything about that?


I don’t leak what I buy I told you this already. I saw the leak of V2 of sweet freedom, again to whoever leaked it that was their choice to do so. I’ll never leak anything I have. 

52 minutes ago, Dax Diameter said:

So Emotional - Steve Anderson Demo (Snippet)

.. Please post full track


Very retro.

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13 hours ago, Dax Diameter said:

A supposed snippet of Claire singing what sounds like a random Country song has appeared on Dbree. 

It’s called let love come to me. I have it. it’s like over 12 years old. Like Lisa, Claire has a ton of unreleased content. 

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Boutique label Plastic Pop Records have released a deluxe edition of Lisa Scott-Lee’s only solo album “Never Or Now” from 2007, which failed to receive a UK release at the time. (Instead only being released in The Netherlands, South Africa, China and Canada).

Lisa has always been the most dedicated member of Steps and this re-release is apparently selling quite well. Grab your copy now whilst signed editions are still available.

Signed Deluxe 2xCD

I got mine on import years ago originally but this new edition finally gives it the official, debut U.K. release it was originally scheduled to have. This edition contains some previously unreleased and sought after tracks on the second disc:

Full List of Format & Merch Options





The Videos:



“Too Far Gone”:

[Non Album Single]
”Get It On” (Intenso Project feat. LSL):




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  • Poison ivy changed the title to Steps (+ Group Member Side Projects) | General Discussion Thread
  • Poison ivy changed the title to Steps (+ Member Solo Projects) | General Discussion Thread
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Steps are re-issuing their first three albums. As they were originally released during the CD era, this will be the first time they have been issued on vinyl and their are separate permutations/ colour combinations for each album:


Steps’ announce their first three Sony/ Jive era studio albums are finally coming to vinyl for the first time

“The group’s classic LPs – ‘Step One’ (1998), ‘Steptacular’ (1999) and ‘Buzz’ (2000) – will arrive on wax on February 23 with a variety of pressings. 

Included is an Amazon exclusive StepSwirl™️ pressing, neon coloured vinyl and a zoetrope picture disc, bringing to life a video from each album”.

Magazine feature

Facebook announcement

Main store

Regional store selector

Available permutations:



Some variants are already sold out, so if you were previously unaware of these vinyls and are interested you may want to pre-order soon.

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