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  1. I absolutely LOVE how creative this is! You created an entire story with your track list and it flows so smoothly, not only lyrically but sonically as well. Very impressive!
  2. Since this thread is dying, let's discuss our final tracklists for the Epic album and why we chose it. I decided to name it Electric Heaven, and after sitting on it for a few weeks, this is my final tracklist: American Girl Electric Heaven S.L.A.Y. Jenny's Got A Boyfriend Hot City Bombastic*** (to be replaced with Right Now when it leaks) I Wanna Fucking Call You My So-Called Life Somebody's Gonna Get Hurt Rewind Your Heart Everything But You Outlaw*** (to be replaced with Hit Me Up when it leaks) Restless (I've hear
  3. Glad I’m not the only one who does this 😂
  4. Ugh, I’m happy Hit Me Up is leaking but why can’t it be Forever 21 or Right Now? 😢
  5. Someone leaked a 2 second snippet of Hit Me Up on dbree. Can anyone tell if it’s Bonnie or not?
  6. I think what annoys me the most is that, as far as I’m aware, songs like Electric Heaven and Waking Up Diagonal weren’t being circulated either. They were leaked by people on this very forum out of the kindness of their hearts. If everyone could be as considerate as that then we would have this whole album by now 😠
  7. On that list of unleaked Bonnie material, there’s a song called Femme Fatale on it. It made me wonder if they pitched it to Britney during the Femme Fatale sessions.
  8. Same, sis 😭 It just seems so fucking unfair that we’ve been waiting nearly a decade for this album to leak, and now we almost have it… save for 2 songs. SO CLOSE… yet so far away 😭😭😭 If you find someone who has it let me know. I could chip in a few hundred too 😭
  9. If that were the case, I don’t think SLAY or Hot City would’ve leaked either. Or like any of the songs we got over the past 2 months 😂 I just don’t think it’s circulating right now.
  10. I'm so disgusted with the lack of leaks lately
  11. Message In A Bottle sounds like a mega bop. It jumped to the top of my leak list. Love the lyrics.
  12. Those Hilary songs that leaked a few years ago from the This Heart sessions were absolutely spectacular. Feel Alive, Wherever We Go, If I Fall, and Neighborhood are all still in constant rotation. Anyone know if anymore songs are circulating? I’d kill to hear something like Where The Gods Play or Snow Globe.
  13. I've changed my mind slightly. I still want Forever 21, but now I want Lipstick Revolution too. It sounds gay as fuck and I need it in my life. Anything else leaking is a bonus
  14. Lol. I wouldn’t bother. If he’s selling them for this cheap, most of them are bound to leak.
  15. Not really feeling either of the leaks, it’s nice to have them tho. They’re really saving Forever 21 for last aren’t they? 😭
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