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Found 16 results

  1. dnlrsml

    Booklet Crossover

    Different Booklets in different styles! Here's my example: ARTPOP in the style of 1989
  2. Kelly Clarkson - who had been signed to Sony Music's RCA Records label since winning the first season of American Idol in 2002 - announced on Friday, June 24 that she's moving to Atlantic Records as part of a long-term worldwide deal. Clarkson's first order of business on the Warner Music Group label will be recording an album for 2017 that will draw on soul music and R&B for inspiration. "We have already started creating a record that I have been wanting to make since I was a little girl and a record that fans have been asking me to make for years. Here's to the future!" the original Idol said in a statement. Clarkson's move away from RCA shouldn't come as a shock. Her relationship with the label - and former chairman/CEO Clive Davis - was sometimes rocky, with the release of her 2007 album My December being especially contentious. In a press release announcing the Atlantic signing, Clarkson referred to her longtime partnership with RCA as an "arranged marriage." "After winning American Idol there was an arranged marriage that occurred that sometimes worked out and sometimes resulted in the hardest experiences of my life,” Clarkson said. To celebrate the new deal, Clarkson posted four fan-requested covers on her website: Coldplay’s “Fix You,” Radiohead’s “Creep,” Etta James’s “I’d Rather Go Blind,” and India Arie’s “Ready For Love.”
  3. Tweener

    Nelly Furtado - The Ride

  4. Sugar Daddy

    Flop growing to Pop

    Hey there! So, I'm new here and as a new member I'd like to introduce myself to this family. Well, I don't know where I should start so I'll start saying that is a pleasure to be here, I already saw some threads and I can affirm that this place It's the right place to be, I'm not a stan, I am The Stan of Melanie, Halsey, Tove Lo and Lily Allen, as a Brazilian is really hard to find fans of this type of artist here, but I find myself with some that share the same tastes here! Just continuing the list of the artist I'm fan (these part doesn't has more artist that I'm stan, my fascination I already told above but now It's time of the regular artists) I love The Beatles, Panic! At The Disco, TØP, Aurora, Troye Sivan (so alternative, isn't it? Lol) and getting off the music, I love talk, you can message me anytime, I'll be happy to have someone to talk! Then again, thanks so much for having me, you will probably see me talking in the comments of some thread of my Stan Empire Lol! Bye, stay safe!
  5. Motorsport


    Guys, I need help! Jojo posted this snippet to her Snapchat a little while back and I'm dying to get more info on it. Here's the clip : If anyone could help I would be forever greatful! Thanks everyone
  6. Tweener

    Tinie Tempah - Youth

  7. Kesha’s former producer and mentor, Dr. Luke, has filed a new lawsuit against the singer’s mother this week, according to The Wrap. The defamation lawsuit filed against Pebe Sebert in a federal court in Tennessee on Wednesday alleges that the “Tik Tok” singer’s mother has “continued to publicly defame” him since the 2014 complaint. “After we originally filed suit against Pebe Sebert, she continued to make outrageous, false and defamatory statements against Dr. Luke in her widespread media campaign to damage and smear his name,” Dr. Luke’s lawyer Christine Lepera said Friday in a statement to PEOPLE. “Pebe Sebert’s lawyers flat out refused to allow us to add those statements to the existing case or to toll the statute of limitations on them – so we’ve been compelled to file an additional action,” Lepera said. Kesha’s reps were not immediately available for comment. The latest complaint alleges numerous offenses such as a November 2015 tweet reading, “Kesha can’t legally put out music unless she makes it under complete control of a man who raped her at 18.” Though the “Your Love Is My Drug” singer has not released an album of her own since 2012’s Warrior, Kesha has been on tour with a new act called Kesha and the Creepies. In August, PEOPLE confirmed the singer had recorded music “at her own expense.” In 2014, Kesha sued Luke, accusing the producer of raping and sexually, physically, emotionally and verbally abusing her. Luke vehemently denied the allegations, in suing the pop star for defamation and breach of contract. Source: PEOPLE.com
  8. Tweener

    Train - A Girl A Bottle A Boat

  9. Tweener

    Kehlani - SweetSexySavage

  10. Tweener

    Pentatonix - A Pentatonix Christmas

  11. You may have already heard about the legal battle going on between Dr. Luke and Kesha. Kesha accused Dr. Luke for 10 years of sexual assault, mental and physical abuse. It seems like the case from a few weeks ago also didn't work out well for her, since she didn't say a thing about it. Kesha has posted this on Instagram: The pop singer has contributed 28 songs to Sony for a new album, she will get it out as soon as possible. She only needs 2 or 3 albums to get out of her contract without a lawsuit.
  12. dnlrsml

    Is this Lady Gaga?

    On July 29 @AHSFX posted this teaser on their twitter feed. A female face can be seen, many fans now think that this is Lady Gaga. A Theory: This is Lady Gaga because there is a caterpillar crawling on her face and Lady Gaga talked about a caterpillar emoji a while ago Even tho it's a centipede fans keep thinking this is Lady Gaga, which has a strong possibility. All we can do now is wait for the new season that will air on September 14th 2016.
  13. Tweener

    Celine Dion - Encore Un Soir

    1. Plus qu'ailleurs 2. L'étoile 3. Ma faille 4. Encore un soir (Album Version) 5. Je nous veux 6. Les yeux au ciel 7. Si c'était à refaire 8. Ordinaire 9. Tu sauras 10. Toutes ces choses 11. Le bonheur en face 12. À la plus haute branche Deluxe Edition: 13. À vous 14. Ma force 15. Trois heures vingt (Remastered)
  14. ThisIsDemetria


    Hello I am new here :3 and I LOVE demi lovato. Music is my life! I enjoy to have for myself music that anyone has because it doesn't make me feel tired of the same music I am a tumblr blogger I have a black and white gif blog -> http://darknessreminduswherelightcanbe.tumblr.com/ A demi lovato blog ---> http://waitinfordemi.tumblr.com/ And a blog that i started this week of gifs in color ---> http://yousetmefreelikeawildfire.tumblr.com/ I hope to make friends here and that we could share the love for our favorite artists and the love for music. Good Night
  15. Britney Bitch is BBAAAAAACK!!! Britney Spears will receive the Millennium award at the Billboard Music Awards and perform a medley of her hits! This award is to acknowledge outstanding career achievements and influence on the music industry. At the Billboard Music Awards on May 22nd, Britney will also perform her new single 'Make Me Ooh'! SHE'S BACK!
  16. enjoy! http://smarturl.it/WC-iTuneshttp://smarturl.it/WC-Playlisthttp://smarturl.it/WC-Amazonhttp://smarturl.it/WC-Spotifyhttp://smarturl.it/WC-Playhttp://smarturl.it/WC-Soundcloudhttp://smarturl.it/WC-Youtubehttp://smarturl.it/WC-Playlist-YouTube i hope you guys like and buy it!

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