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Found 65 results

  1. Tweener

    Fifth Harmony - Voicemail

    The new Fifth Harmony song leaked. >>>>DOWNLOAD<<<<
  2. Tweener

    Frankie Grande - Queen

    This disgusting rat released his first single called "Queen". I am making this thread because I expect you to drag the shit out of him since I really miss pettiness of PHF members. ENJOY!
  3. Kelly Clarkson - who had been signed to Sony Music's RCA Records label since winning the first season of American Idol in 2002 - announced on Friday, June 24 that she's moving to Atlantic Records as part of a long-term worldwide deal. Clarkson's first order of business on the Warner Music Group label will be recording an album for 2017 that will draw on soul music and R&B for inspiration. "We have already started creating a record that I have been wanting to make since I was a little girl and a record that fans have been asking me to make for years. Here's to the future!" the original Idol said in a statement. Clarkson's move away from RCA shouldn't come as a shock. Her relationship with the label - and former chairman/CEO Clive Davis - was sometimes rocky, with the release of her 2007 album My December being especially contentious. In a press release announcing the Atlantic signing, Clarkson referred to her longtime partnership with RCA as an "arranged marriage." "After winning American Idol there was an arranged marriage that occurred that sometimes worked out and sometimes resulted in the hardest experiences of my life,” Clarkson said. To celebrate the new deal, Clarkson posted four fan-requested covers on her website: Coldplay’s “Fix You,” Radiohead’s “Creep,” Etta James’s “I’d Rather Go Blind,” and India Arie’s “Ready For Love.”
  4. The new party anthem is here! Official download link coming soon Porcelain's verse is at 2:07: "I'll shave my head like Britney and say f*ck you to all this sh*t"
  5. Tweener

    Evanescence - TBA

    Amy Lee has announced that the new Evanescence LP is coming out this year!
  6. Out August 11 Pre-Order
  7. Speedy

    Lana del rey : Lust for life

    it's coming you little bitch
  8. Alexz Johnson is back to her ginger weave and set to release her new album called A STRANGER TIME this Summer. We still don't know the release date, but we know that the first single off of this album comes out super soon. I am extremely excited for this! Her last album LET 'EM EAT CAKE was released in 2014 with a little controversy around it. However, this time it feels different and I am positively geared up for it!
  9. Ginger Spice is back with a brand new single. Geri Halliwell (Horner) has announced that her brand new single called "Angels In Chains" will be released on June 19! Her last single "Half Of Me" flopped, but I am happy she is still making music, especially after her scrapped album "Man On The Mountains" leaked and it was amazing. I wonder if AIC will sound similar to the songs on MOTM or it will be something completely different. One we know for sure. It will be amazing because Geri is amazing and her British accent is amazing
  10. Tweener

    Selena Gomez - Fetish

    Selena Gomez has debuted her brand new music video for Bad Liar. In the end of the music video it says "FETISH/COMING SOON" What can it be? Considering the fact that she has admitted that Bad Liar is just a buzz single and not a promo single for her upcoming album, I assume it's a single
  11. Tweener

    Miley Cyrus - Inspired

  12. Download Queen of soundtracks is back with a new track
  13. Tweener

    Aura - Can't Steal The Music

    Aura Dione's new album is called "Can't Steal The Music" and will be released on 07.04.2017. She also promised that she's going on tour in the beginning of the next year! Tracklist: 1. You Got Wings 2. Love Somebody 3. Can't Steal The Music 4. Indian Giver 5. Gay Boy 6. Talk Of Nothing 7. King Of Pain 8. Elephant In The Room 9. Cherry Tree 10. Put Your Hands Up 11. Unloved So far Aura released 2 albums - "Columbine" and "Before The Dinosaurs". Listen to her singles below!
  14. Tweener

    Nelly Furtado - The Ride

  15. New Single from past Disney Star Bella Thorne with (idk him but) Prince Fox. It lowkey sounds good but I'm not 100% sold. it's gonna hella flop but i'm still here for it
  16. Tweener

    Noah Cyrus - Stay Together

  17. Tweener

    CupcakKe- Queen ElizaBITCH

    It's coming on March 31!
  18. Tweener

    Mariah Carey - I Don't

  19. Ariana has just released her brand new music video for the song "Everyday" featuring Future.
  20. Tweener

    Kesha - Chinatown

    Kesha's song called "Chinatown" has just leaked. Download below: CHINATOWN
  21. Sugar Daddy

    Flop growing to Pop

    Hey there! So, I'm new here and as a new member I'd like to introduce myself to this family. Well, I don't know where I should start so I'll start saying that is a pleasure to be here, I already saw some threads and I can affirm that this place It's the right place to be, I'm not a stan, I am The Stan of Melanie, Halsey, Tove Lo and Lily Allen, as a Brazilian is really hard to find fans of this type of artist here, but I find myself with some that share the same tastes here! Just continuing the list of the artist I'm fan (these part doesn't has more artist that I'm stan, my fascination I already told above but now It's time of the regular artists) I love The Beatles, Panic! At The Disco, TØP, Aurora, Troye Sivan (so alternative, isn't it? Lol) and getting off the music, I love talk, you can message me anytime, I'll be happy to have someone to talk! Then again, thanks so much for having me, you will probably see me talking in the comments of some thread of my Stan Empire Lol! Bye, stay safe!

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