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  1. Hannah Montana masterpost?
  2. I find it pure bullshit that I’m blocked off a chat I barely even talk on. that’s the real question... especially when I didn’t do anything wrong. Tf is your problem?
  3. How about being less ignorant it goes a long way. x tired of being treated this way.
  4. if its that simple then why am I on a block list?..
  5. what I mean by dead and boring is the content leaks etc.. and it sucks not being able to be updated with all of that.. what am I supposed to post lmao? there is nothing for me to post.
  6. and what about this person? would no one miss them either just cause they asked about the server??
  7. weren't you the guy who said "oh no not you" in the last chat? what's with the insult what'd I do now? I been a user for this site for 2 - 3 years and this is the shit I log on to? all cause I asked of a discord server? smh.
  8. can someone dm me a link to the discord? this website is so dead and boring.
  9. where would we ask? cause i been wanna join for a while yet the links are down.
  10. you just said you have still have me and now your asking for it?????? make up ur mind.. I was gunna dm u but- now idk-
  11. so you don't have abracadabra break a sweat emotion gone love don't let me go love is the name not missing you play with me single still have me the middle trouble who do you love.... like you don't have any of those songs?
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