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Make an assumption about a member

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I assume @Speedy has a secret career as a night time performer with an exclusive clientele, but a not-so-secret day time career as a performer with a non-exclusive clientele.

Baby, you're so right! Especially when I was younger, I used to play through the whole Monster Ball DVD and sing along to every word.  My hairography was on point! Let's see...I'm gonna assume th

I used to wear a suit to work everyday in a previous life.  But I never worked for no non profit.  Oh no.  I am all about the profits.  But now I wear jeans and a basic whatever kind of shirt I pretty

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2 hours ago, Whoknowsmehere said:

WOW.  The closest I ever came to that, was when I saw an art exhibit at the local art museum.   Oh.  Wait.  We might be talking about different Van Gogh's.   NVM.   :sassy::bop:

Omg :stretcher:

You need to check out La Oreja de Van Gogh. They're a Spanish band but their music is very nice and old school. I can make a masterpost this weekend if you get hooked. I'd suggest you check these songs out; 



Maybe I got too carried away with the recommendations... But I grew up with this band and just couldn't help it 🤦‍♀️ 

I'd recommend more but tbh I'd end up posting their whole discography. :bop:

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