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  1. Sassadee

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    I’m pretty sure it’s been established she will never release that song or leak it herself who knows if it even exists and I doubt if anyone has it they would leak it I’ve been hearing people wanting this damn song for over 3 years
  2. Sassadee

    Dan + Shay - Unreleased collection

    They have a lot more stuff “Out Here” is pretty old I’ve had it for a few years it’s a great track
  3. Sassadee

    Dan + Shay - Unreleased collection

    You’re welcome no prob! They had these songs leak on SoundCloud last year I think there may have been 1 or 2 more that leaked if I can find out which I’ll post the links for them here @Kelsea Ballerini
  4. Sassadee

    Dan + Shay - Unreleased collection

    Dan and Shay don’t have many leaks I think these 3 are the only leaks they’ve had of unreleased material
  5. Sassadee

    Dan + Shay - Unreleased collection

    here’s the full version of Look Like That https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzevmzcgK1ZjZ1JnYlZ2X1Nid19iY1dHN1RpY2NEbmZqSVVv/view?usp=drivesdk
  6. Sassadee

    Dan + Shay - Unreleased collection

    These are old leaks from last year you always post old leaks lol
  7. Sassadee

    Leona Lewis - Unreleased/leaked songs

    @Feather is a big Leona Stan I don’t think he would leak even one which I understand
  8. try to steal melanie next time thank you

  9. Sassadee

    Mortal Kombat 11

    I finally got my copy in the mail yesterday can’t wait to spend my day off playing it!
  10. Sassadee

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    I don’t have that track I’ll see what I can find around tho
  11. Sassadee

    Producers producing flops

    Scott Borchetta 1. Cassadee Pope she had so much potential after winning The Voice her debut single Wasting All These Tears and album went #1 and her debut single also went platinum and the music video landed her a award at the CMT awards but after that the lack of promo they gave her ruined her career I’m so glad she went the indie route.
  12. Sassadee

    Zach's Cover Art

    Do you have a Danielle Bradbery unreleased album cover?
  13. Sassadee

    Make an assumption about a member

    I assume that @Turn Ya Head hasn’t experienced seeing Cassadee live by his emoji reaction 😂😁
  14. Sassadee

    Anxiety - How do you deal?

    Honestly went through a bad breakup in September and I was super depressed for months. We used to live together and worked together even after the fact of breaking up or was super hard and stressful seeing him everyday. I wasn’t eating sleeping normally or being around friends at all. I eventually found myself again through self care and love and music. Sometimes you have to realize it’s as simple as it all being in your head sometimes. Never think about the bad things or what’s the worst thing that could happen. Stop worrying about becoming happy because that will all eventually happen on it’s own without you realizing it. Maybe you could try doing things by yourself like going for jogs, walks, reading a book or just starting a journal.
  15. It’s not just a 10 second show I think it runs about 5 minutes or so. It actually wasn’t that bad kinda showed some insight on her and it makes sense why she’s the way she is. Her mother is honestly horrible. I like a few of her songs and I honestly give her props for using the foundation she was given to make something for herself.

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