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The fake demos thread

Turn Ya Head

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So as a matter of fact we all know people post songs online claiming they're from a big artist when they're clearly fake :stretcher:

But sometimes, these songs turn out to be bops and we're like "DAMN WHO SINGS THIS?"

So I thought I'd start here posting some of the ones I know! 

Lolene - IndepenDANCE Day

Lolene - Eyes Wide Open

Lolene - Valentine

Lolene - Violin

Myah Marie - Feet on the Ground

Claude Kelly - Call Me Daddy

Quyeness - Someday

Mr. Vegas - Take Off

Preslava - Naivinca na Godinata

Karl Casson - Outta My Mind

Brooke Hogan - Strip

Myah Marie - Insane

Myah Marie & Laze and Royal - Love Drug

Myah Marie - You & Me

Myah Marie - Plastic

Olivia Louise - Cocaine

Lolita - Feel Me Up


Does anyone happen to know who sings this?

And This

Feel free to ask about any "demos" you're unsure of! 

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2 hours ago, grandebop said:

I’m glad I found this thread because I’ve always wanted to make one like this!

This is “Six Feet Under”

I’ve been looking for the real version of “How You Want Me” for ages now and i’d be very grateful if someone would find it!

Thanks! I'm surprised I didn't know this was Jade because I really liked her some months ago :stretcher:

I don't know who sings How You Want Me but if we ever find out it would be great! 

9 hours ago, Turn the lights said:

Anyone know who sing this song ?
Fake Natalia Kills or Paris Hilton song.


This was said to be a Britney song too! It's lowkey a bop though :bop: but I have no idea who's the singer. Sorry! :(

3 minutes ago, Volcanion said:

Shazam tells me it’s Natalia Kills. 


Shazam sometimes has wrong titles in it. I haven't used it in ages because of that. But thanks for checking! 

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1 hour ago, liberation said:

Everytime someone mentions fake demos these two are the first things i can think of! I bopped a lot to both ages ago even though i know it wasn't Hilary and Britney on vocals :cackle:



Omg I had no idea about the Hilary one! It's lowkey a bop. If I find out who sings it I'll let you know! 

As for Bad Girl, I've even tried to ask Lil Wayne fans about it, and his verse isn't from another song or anything :stretcher: Some of them even thought it was Britney singing on it all along. I've been trying to find the real singer for ages but I've had no luck! 

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18 minutes ago, Music XXclusives said:

Thanks for this addition! 

However, Blind is actually Eyes Wide Open by Lolene and Player is IndepenDANCE Day by Lolene too. People were saying it was Myah lol

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