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  1. For real, when she was little, she was white And now she's black And here she looks like Melanie Martinez
  2. Her skins is really "black" now. She was white when she was young, how is possible to go white to black like that ? I didn't know skins could change color.
  3. No, in Jukebox is better like that visitors can see the thread. A lot of people are googling "free download" so they could discover PHF 😋 And Collections is more for masterposts.
  4. Do you have a link ? I can't find this site.
  5. So you buy everything you listen ? I support the artists i stan, for the rest, illegal websites are great. Where did you download your music @Tweener ?
  6. I don't understand why so much people ruin their body with horrible tattoo. Sometimes it can be beautiful, like on beautiful and muscular men, but generally it's horrible and vulgar.
  7. https://www.xclusivejams.net/ https://rnbxclusive1.com/ https://www6.streethiphop.org/ http://onlyiplus.net/msb/ http://www31.pluspremieres.biz/
  8. Anyone know who sing this song ? Fake Natalia Kills or Paris Hilton song.
  9. @Tweener scammed innocent people - innocent new members again and again. How pathetic ! last scam, he was trading this song as a Zara Larsson song And he traded already leaked songs, fake demos and other. Go to hell poor guy.

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