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The fake demos thread

Turn Ya Head

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Very, very late but i just wanted to post a fake demo i know and that i have a funny story with it. So there is this song called "Lips" by a musician called Gigi Rowe. She released it on 2013 on her Soundcloud but it is now deleted from there(but there are reuploads of both the song and its MV).

In late 2020 i started hearing Britney Spears music and searching for unreleased and stuff. Before that i was already a Gigi Rowe fan/enjoyer/stan? (lol). I remember reading about some supposed demos pitched to Britney for her album "Britney Jean", and one was called "Lips". My face of surprise when i heard it and it was Rowe song since she's not really a popular singer so you don't expect her to appear on something unless her name is written on it. I almost thought it was legit until i did a search and eventually it was never for Britney (some dates as well as info were contradictory from both sides such as the supposed producer of the song)

Here is a video labelling the song as a Britney demo in case somebody wants to check that too lol


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Also, as an additional fact. There are two channels that upload fake Britney demos. One is "Demo Rejects" (mixes both real and fake demos, the best example i can give here is "Bullet" by Kerli since i've seen some people here liking Kerli's music) and the other one is called "Temptation" (which i think was the one who started the rumour of "Six Feet Under"). This latter usually uses tracks by very obscure musicians, songs that weren't for anybody or just directly other people outtakes (big example being a song called "Turn the Lights" which turned to be actually a demo by a very unknown singer called Nincina, which i very doubt it was for Britney considering its instrumental being purchased by those people who do "instrumental beats").



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On 02.02.2019 at 07:41, Turn Ya Head said:

Так что на самом деле мы все знаем, что люди публикуют песни в Интернете, утверждая, что они от большого художника, когда они явно поддельные :носилки:

Но иногда эти песни оказываются бопсами, и мы похожи на "ЧЕРТ, КТО ЭТО ПОЕТ?"

Поэтому я решил начать здесь публиковать некоторые из тех, кого я знаю!

Lolene - День независимости

Лолин - Глаза Широко открыты

Lolene - Valentine

Лолен - Скрипка

Майя Мари - Ноги на Земле

Клод Келли - Зови меня папой

Quyeness - Когда - нибудь

Мистер Вегас - Взлетай

Преслава - Naivinca na Godinata

Карл Кассон - С ума сойти

Брук Хоган - Стриптиз

Майя Мари - Безумная

Myah Marie & Laze and Royal - Любовный Наркотик

Майя Мари - Ты и Я

Майя Мари - Пластик

Оливия Луиза - Кокаин

Лолита - Почувствуй меня


Кто-нибудь знает, кто это поет?

И это

Не стесняйтесь спрашивать о любых "демо", в которых вы не уверены!

"Feet On The Ground" isn't fake. Myah Marie confirmed that it sent for Circus album.

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On 3/28/2019 at 5:27 PM, mceyedol said:

What a great idea for a topic :)

I was obsessed with "Sorry Adam". Such a great track and I still listen to it :)

Britney Spears - Sorry Adam (claimed Femme Fatale Sessions)

Actual artist was either Myah Marie or Quyen Nguyen? Can anyone confirm? 



It's Elxxr (Quyeness). Not fake. Demo for Femme Fatale.

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