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Bebe Rexha Is Too Fat For A Grammy

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Did we like that clickbait title?

Bebe Rexha took to Instagram recently to complain about her difficulties getting a dress made for her for the Grammys. She alleges that designers are refusing to dress her because she's "too big".

However, fans are suggesting that the reason she can't get a dress made for her has nothing to do with her weight, and more to do with the fact that she's an irrelevant flop who's only famous for her features on other songs. :orly: 

What do y'all think?

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10 hours ago, Volcanion said:

10/10 the latter. 

I think she blew up too fast and her ego got too big. My guess is that she hasn’t had much contact with any designers...

Right? It's a shame because I can actually imagine her rocking some Versace with her blonde hair and bronzed skin... :yeah: 

7 hours ago, Tweener said:

Lie! I know she collaborated with an amazing Kara Craig!

Oh my god, could you imagine how ICONIC it would be if Kara designed her Grammy's look? :hail: Give me that activewear I love Kara! :yaskween:

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She is way to full of herself. Bitch nobody gonna waste there time making u a dress if u act like that. She has let herself go in the last few years, she used to be real skinny. Shes pulling that fat shaming card now to get more fat fans.

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