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  1. Ahhh, I think you just misread it. If you listen to both, the lyrics aren’t the same! The one @Skinny Legend posted says in the description that they got the idea for their cover from that Danpia channel where Ashley sings the cover you linked.
  2. I think the girl in that video is actually doing the vocals on that version! If you look at her channel, she has other song covers. Lots of Youtube cover artists record a professional cover and just lip sync to it in their videos for better auto quality or whatever 🤷‍♀️
  3. Joan made a side account to try and side-step a ban @Skinny Legend so I'd suggest an IP ban, check the chatbox if you need more details!
  4. Yes, this asshole has been left unchecked for far too long. Maybe getting legitimately shut down will make them realize that they shouldn't be completely abrasive and rude to any given interaction.
  5. Imagine pretending recordings lost in a house fire are in circulation.
  6. The way I was in the Discord, too, and I just now realized that I'm not in it anymore bc I went looking for it and realized. But like... why do you care that much? It's a silly little internet chatroom. You can find a new place to lurk pretty easily? Disboard has loads of servers for you to choose from to join. They did mention on the server that they would be removing people, so why is anyone surprised?
  7. YAAAAAAS! Cody Calafiore is the PERFECT man! Paulie is also cute, but I feel like CBS got it right the first time with male model extraordinaire Cody the second place king! But yeah, Kenny and Evan both were banned from the network after sexual misconduct against Tonya during The Ruins.
  8. I also really like Wes, CT and Aneesa. Have some reservations about Paulie still from Big Brother, but I did enjoy him on The Challenge so I'm getting there. Kenny was a great player, too, but with the sexual assault allegations... I can't really call him a favorite.
  9. Yaaaaaas! All amazing choices! Who are your favorites? Mine are Cara Maria, Ashley M, Marie, Kam, Angela, Kailah, Davonne, Bayleigh, Leroy, Bananas, Nany (sometimes), and some others. But those are my mains!
  10. The Challenge is a reality competition show that started airing 1998. Originally featuring alumni from MTV's The Real World and Road Rules, the show has spanned 35 seasons featuring stars from Are You The One?, Ex On The Beach (US, UK and Brazil), Geordie Shore, Floribama Shore, Big Brother (US and Celebrity UK), Love Island (UK), The Bachelorette, Vanderpump Rules, Survivor Turkey, American Ninja Warrior and many more. It is one of the longest-running reality shows of all-time. The show has also had several spin-offs, the most recognizable being The Challenge: Champs VS. Stars (first sea
  11. Just using those 10 songs, I came up with this tracklisting: Obsession Too Many Boys Sex Rules One Haters Anonymous 108 99 Tears American Dream Traces 17 But, out of boredom, I also created a "deluxe edition" with 4 more tracks to flesh out the album a bit more: Paper Doll Obsession Too Many Boys Sex Rules Touch & Go One Haters Anonymous Elevator 108 99 Tears American Dream Traces God Bless 17
  12. This isn't a demo for Hilary, this is a song by Dux Content called "Snow Globe" that was released on the PC Music label.
  13. It's so crazy/fun to listen to Beat Of My Drum demos and hear it originally being based off the same Major Lazer sample Beyonce used in Run The World
  14. Anitta and Pablo Vittar didn't do it, so no. As of now, I can't say it's the next big craze. Asian pop (specifically kpop) will still be the big niche group for a long time more.
  15. Glad to hear you’re doing well, I am too!
  16. Marnie, hi! This is Trav from COP/Discord. Hope you’re doing well, welcome to PHF 😊
  17. @Ari excited for this! Do the unreleased first!
  18. Capsule


    let's do it soon! i don't have skype anymore tho sfgfsgs
  19. Yeah, someone on her team definitely lied to her because there are women much, much larger than her who get dresses from designers for big award shows like this.
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