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Iggy ft DISGASTING Banks Confirmed


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Iggy just confirmed on her snapchat yesterday, that an iggy x DISGASTING collab is coming and after some confusion and backlash, she tweeted this;IMG_5025.PNG

This album is pathetic but....queen of forgiveness :fishie:

Edit: I CANNOT at the "DISGASTING" auto correction :cackle:

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My reaction towards Iggy has gone from liking her to disliking her to feeling sorry for her to liking her and now to hating her guts. Regardless of what DISGASTING has said about Iggy, the fact that she's sexist, racist, homophobic and a Trump supporter should be enough of a reason to not even be in the same room as her.

Congrats Iggy, you just lost yourself a fan. :hottie: 

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