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  1. hello, could you please check your dm? thank you

    1. StevGons


      Viagra Achat Pharmacie Non Prescripion Compazine cialis 40 mg Keflex Absesed Tooth Amoxicillin Tempature Rise

  2. asexualguy

    Are You Gay?

    oh well, i'm just sexually dead. not sexually retarded.
  3. asexualguy

    Are You Gay?

    what the fuck are those
  4. asexualguy


    whitest show i've ever watched
  5. asexualguy

    judge my voice please

    idk what you call it? it's the EQ and compression and stuff like that
  6. asexualguy

    Incurable STI Spreading Through Oral Sex

    can't relate
  7. asexualguy

    judge my voice please

    the song is by SZA, i think it's pretty popular and thank you! and nope, i just found out a bit about cleaning vocals
  8. asexualguy

    judge my voice please

    since @Countess miss my voice, i played around singing love galore
  9. Happy birthday my sexy man! <3 Hope you have a great day today!

    1. asexualguy


      lol thank you! 2 people i know died on my birthday!

    2. Skinny Legend

      Skinny Legend

      1 hour ago, asexualguy said:

      lol thank you! 2 people i know died on my birthday!


  10. Happy Birthday, Asexy!🎉🎉🎉

  11. asexualguy

    Iggy ft DISGASTING Banks Confirmed

    it's gonna be something
  12. asexualguy

    Album Instrumentals Artworks

    Ratsey - hopeless fountain kingdom






  14. i love how retarded people are becoming

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