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  1. Thank you! I wanted to have a flow to give a vibe to the album, giving us Sensualney to Bopney to Sexney and even though I despise Private Show, I figured I'd give it the bonus track treatment, almost did the same with Invitation but didn't know what would be a good way to open the album without it
  2. So I sat and listened to Glory and loved so many tracks with this listen and decided to do my own version of the album along with how the roll out could have worked a little differently in the album's favor.
  3. I'm pretty excited for this one
  4. Using as an EP cover for the songs that she released already
  5. I am actually considering getting these damn remasters, even though I have all 8 seasons
  6. I'm cackling cause it took me a second read to know why this sounded familiar
  7. Fifth Harmony [Released July 21st, 2017] Buzz/Promo Single - Feel So Right (Feb. 24th) (Released just a month following the group's much buzzed about People's Choice Awards performance, the ladies spoke about releasing the track, "We really wanted to give our fans, our Harmonizers, a little gift for being so supportive and amazing to us as we move forward and begin a new chapter for us as a group, we can't wait for them to hear what we've started working on!") 1st Single - Angel (April 14th) (The first single off the album, the Skrillex & Poo Bear produced track gave the group a new sound that offered a different direction from the group that comes a little unexpected compared to their previous singles and from the 7/27 first single, Work From Home. The group promoted the single on a short promo tour via radio and tv.) 2nd Single - He Like That (June 30th) (A summer single that offered a sound just as different as the first single, He Like That offered a confident and sexier side to the group, the single was released along with the album pre-order, the ladies once again went on a promo tour following the release for the single and to coincide with the album's release with appearances on Ellen, Jimmy Fallon, James Corden (+ Carpool Karaoke), Live with Kelly & Ryan 3rd Single - Down (Sept. 1st) (Released following their much buzzed VMA performance, the single was a moderate success though many cited the track to be a rehash of Work From Home) Final Single - Lonely Night (Jan. 26th) (The final release for the album was also to garner some buzz for their upcoming Asia leg of their PSA tour dates, the single charted well due to the music video release of the single the week following the single's release) Promo Single/Video releases Deliver (September 2017) Por Favor (October 2017) Bridges (January 2018 [in support of the Women's March]) Don't Say You Love Me (May 2018) Major Promo Schedule July 21st - Good Morning America - Summer Concert Series #5HonGMA (He Like That/Down/Work From Home/Worth It) August 27th - MTV Video Music Awards 2017 (Angel/Down) Sept. 30th - Saturday Night Live (Down/Sauced Up) November 19 - American Music Awards 2017 (He Like That) December 31st - Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' 2018 (Down [with Angel intro]/He Like That/Sauced Up)
  8. It only took like a dozen tries for Robin to get GRL started, let's see how this on plays out
  9. I'm so torn about the reboot, it looks fun but I'm married to the original
  10. The finale was so damn good and left on such a good cliffhanger!
  11. absolutely love this!

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