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  1. Camila Cabello - Romance Release Date - October 18, 2019 Album Background/Info: Following the release of the Shawn Mendes duet, Señorita, Cabello began teasing her sophomore album as "sounding like what falling in love feels like." The era would begin with the premiere performance of first single, My Oh My (feat. DaBaby) at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards, which would be released for stream/purchase on Aug. 30th, the performance begins with a 1:00 intro that sneak peeks album track, Shameless, before dropping into My Oh My. The red hot performance, along with Señorita during the show, is
  2. Fifth Harmony - Fifth Harmony Release Date: July 21, 2017 Info: Following their People Choice performance debut as a quartet, the ladies released a statement regarding their next album and future as a group: "We are so excited to begin a new chapter and era as a group! Our next album will be out this summer and will be self-titled; we really want to make this a special album for our fans, our Harmonizers, who have been with us on this journey since 2012. We can't wait to share the music we're starting to work on, it's going to be fun, mature, and full of our love! We've been together f
  3. Thank you! I wanted to have a flow to give a vibe to the album, giving us Sensualney to Bopney to Sexney and even though I despise Private Show, I figured I'd give it the bonus track treatment, almost did the same with Invitation but didn't know what would be a good way to open the album without it
  4. So I sat and listened to Glory and loved so many tracks with this listen and decided to do my own version of the album along with how the roll out could have worked a little differently in the album's favor.
  5. I'm pretty excited for this one
  6. Using as an EP cover for the songs that she released already
  7. I am actually considering getting these damn remasters, even though I have all 8 seasons
  8. I'm cackling cause it took me a second read to know why this sounded familiar
  9. Fifth Harmony [Released July 21st, 2017] Buzz/Promo Single - Feel So Right (Feb. 24th) (Released just a month following the group's much buzzed about People's Choice Awards performance, the ladies spoke about releasing the track, "We really wanted to give our fans, our Harmonizers, a little gift for being so supportive and amazing to us as we move forward and begin a new chapter for us as a group, we can't wait for them to hear what we've started working on!") 1st Single - Angel (April 14th) (The first single off the album, the Skrillex & Poo Bear produced track gave the
  10. I'm so torn about the reboot, it looks fun but I'm married to the original
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