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Britney's Next Single is...


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I was really still hoping for 'DYWCO' for a second single because I feel it would do so much better on the radio than 'Slumber Party'. :'( But I think a 'SP' music video will slay, even though this concept sounds ridiculous and even more sexual than her last one. :stretcher: I hope this does well and we get a third single!

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On 9/25/2016 at 6:41 PM, Charlie91xo said:

Sounds like another music video that will get canned. I do love slumber party though 

This is what I thought too... :stretcher: She better put this one out and not just tease us! :'( 

12 hours ago, Elizabeth said:

I cannot understand the appeal of seeing a middle aged mother of 2 dressing like a stripper , but that is me. The whole concept is a bit too much sexually. 

She doesn't look like a middle aged mother of two tho. ;) She's been looking amazing lately!


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21 hours ago, milanimiani said:

She looks a LOT older than her age to me, but that's just my opinion, no hate...like compared to Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and even Gwen Stefani, she looks at least ten years older than them. Regardless, she's pretty much a pop legend at this point and she seems like a good mother. 

To be fair though, that's just because Bey's black and Jen and Gwen have had plastic surgery... :stretcher: I still think Britney looks much better than most forty year olds, even if you're just looking at her body.

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