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Hello all. I joined PHF about a month ago but haven't been that active and therefore, haven't introduced myself. But there's a time for everything, and here we are. I know i tagged a lot of different musicians/artists, but i figured i might as well lay it all out. These are the main music that I listen to, though there's a lot more. This is just a quick top however many of artists I listen to the most, in no particular order other than alphabetical through most, since i looked through my phone for names (that'll come later.) I joined this site in hopes of finding and sharing music by the artists I love. Music is sort of a drug for me, a life or death one tbh. I'd have been sent to the funny farm a long time ago without my music, whether it's the stuff i listen to, make or write. Yes, I make music. No I don't technically play any instruments in any official manner. And no, I'll probably never share any of it with anyone. It's a therapy honestly. And also extremely strange. Really. 

Anywho, I want to make a top 10 of my favorite artists atm so people know the crux of who I'm looking for/into:

1. Allie X
2. Marina and the Diamonds
3. Melanie Martinez
4. Neon Trees
5. Marianas Trench
6. Lana Del Rey
7. Demi Lovato
8. Adam Lambert
9. Bat For Lashes
10. Charli XCX
11. Lady Gaga

Okay so I did 11. All of them are really close to each other in terms of order...this is just want I feel is most honest in the moment. So, I may not be super active on this site though I hope to be at least decently. My computer is super crap so I rarely come on it. But I completely formatted and reset it recently so I'm hoping that'll help some of the issues. Anyway, yeah. I know I didn't give too much info about myself, but if you want to know feel free to ask. I'm a pretty open and honest person. I hope we can all be friends, or at least that no one ever wants to kill me. HA. Cheers. 

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You better break the rules for Godga bitch! :hail: I love your huge list of faves, there's a few people I love there - Gaga, Lana, Allie and Gwen to name just a few. :P I'm so glad you found us and decided to make an intro thread! <3 If/when you feel comfortable you should definitely share some of your songs with us. ;) It may seem too weird to you but there's a few other people on here like @Matilda Mantis who also make super weird stuff! I hope you stick around boo, it's nice to meet you! <3 

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2 hours ago, Tweener said:

And it ended without a "Goodbye"...

No shade to @NeriumIndigo, but I don't understand these people who spend so much time and effort on their Welcome Centre post but then don't make any effort to participate in the rest of the forum. :stretcher: It's like they want the attention of being the new bitch on the block but they don't wanna put any work into actually building any relationships with people.

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