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  1. It's sad that that's the only way we could get Forever 21 because she'll never release it.
  2. Do you have the original Sleepwalker to share? I only ever listened to the one on Spotify.
  3. I would love if she included Jenny's Got a Boyfriend, Hitman and I Wanna Fucking Call You on the tracklist just because I think they will sound better polished, I don't really enjoy the versions that leaked (I think either her vocals or production annoying in these). And of course I would also love to legally stream my favorites: Everything But You, Hot City, Last Call Lover and Somebody's Gonna Get Hurt. Not to mention Forever 21. Can we also get a polished version of So Called Life? I think I would die happy to have those officially released by Bonnie. Edit: forgot about Slay.
  4. ā€œIā€™m tired of waiting. I want to get a batch of songs to my fans.ā€ Now I understand why you guys who follow her for years are so skeptical about Bonnie releasing anything this summer. She really is a liar I thought you were just being harsh on her.
  5. The next song we'll hear will be Forever 21, officially released by Bonnie herself in the coming weeks, as the first single from the full album she will drop this Summer. If we all believe this, it will be true.
  6. So there is a final version of Don't Get Mad Get Famous? We need that to leak.
  7. How many songs Bonnie has promised this year in her TikTok comments section?
  8. Is Hallelujah the song she pitched to the Suicide Squad soundtrack?
  9. JLo never worked with Dr. Luke. She was given a song that Meghan had done with him years before the Kesha allegations.
  10. If they have it, could we do a fundraiser to buy it from them? The exchange rate here in Brazil is f*cked, our monthly minimal wage amounts to something like $200 dollars, and I have seen people charging $500 for one song, so even if I would not eat and not pay my rent for one month, I would still not be able to contribute much. But maybe if more fans would join we could pay for some songs to leak for all of us. I don't even know how this trading stuff works so I'm not sure if that's possible. But I'm willing to starve for Forever 21.
  11. So, unlike what was said, there were more Bonnie songs to leak. Are we sure no one has Forever 21?
  12. It's an unpopular opinion, but I'll be honest, I actually like Thorns šŸ¤­ For me it's the best song she released after the Bombastic EP.
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