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How Can PHF Be Improved?

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Start off with Melanie rats, please

Your feedback has been implemented. We love a democratic forum!  

notifications should be for every message. I hate it when they merge and some of them are unread. Sometimes it leads to misunderstandings.

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20 minutes ago, trayertrash said:

I think PHF can be improved by @Cypher buying everything on my Amazon wishlist and the rest of the forum sending me $1000 each via paypal :mo:

Only if I get $1,000 from everyone here first! The moment that happens, you entire Amazon wishlist will be granted. :magic: 

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8 hours ago, RadiantEdits said:

Yayyy! :rockon:

Also, we should have a 'Now Playing' option on our profiles, that would be cool o:-)

That would be cool, but the problem is you'd have to manually update it every time you changed songs. :stretcher: Do you have last.fm? You can always put one of their pictures in your signature!

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10 hours ago, trayertrash said:

I'm not sure if you know, but at the top right where the facebook, twitter, etc. twitter is the only one that works. 

Thank you for pointing that out! I have AdBlock installed so I don't even see any social icons like that. :shocked: 

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2 hours ago, trayertrash said:

You have adblock on your own site, meanwhile this is the only site i don't use adblock on and sometimes click on ads when I'm bored. :cypher:

This is why I love you. <3 But site-owners can't click on their own ads or they'll be banned. :stretcher: 

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4 hours ago, trayertrash said:

You could always save it up and give me an amazon giftcard for my 30th birthday ;)

The problem is you can't even withdraw money out until you've hit $100, so it's just sitting there doing nothing for the whole time until you magically get 100 people clicking on them one day. :shocked: 

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