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  1. Heart Station

    Forgotten masterpieces

    One of my favorite Kylie songs ever
  2. Heart Station

    Some Of My Covers

    This is so beautiful omfg
  3. Heart Station

    Avril Lavigne Announces New Music

    very cool
  4. Heart Station

    The Five Most Anticipated Albums of 2017

    I really hope Azel Bank releases new music this year, I've been perched
  5. Heart Station

    Your Favorite Album Packaging

    Girls Aloud Singles Collection
  6. Heart Station

    Song vs Song

    Hilary Duff - Wake Up vs. Hilary Duff - Holiday
  7. Heart Station

    Song vs Song

    Lady Gaga - AYO vs. Taylor Swift - Shake it Off
  8. Heart Station

    Avril Lavigne Announces New Music

    "Do you think Avril can deliver a better album than "Goodbye Lullaby"?" You read my mind @Tweener, I need more Goodbye Lullaby and less Self Titled from her
  9. Heart Station

    Haters Back Off

    Netflix has picked it up for a second season
  10. Heart Station

    Will PHF Be Sued by Taylor Swift?

    How does her team manage to find literally everything??
  11. Heart Station

    Nicola Roberts Unleaked List

    I wonder what Nicola's demo for this sounded like/how different it is from the final version. You can hear Nicola's bg vocals throughout the entire chorus
  12. Heart Station

    Currently Listening To..

    I haven't been checking for her stuff in a while but this is so good
  13. Heart Station

    Mythology, Astrology etc.

    Is anyone else here a Sagittarius?

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