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  1. One of my favorite Kylie songs ever
  2. Hilary Duff - Wake Up vs. Hilary Duff - Holiday
  3. Lady Gaga - AYO vs. Taylor Swift - Shake it Off
  4. "Do you think Avril can deliver a better album than "Goodbye Lullaby"?" You read my mind @Tweener, I need more Goodbye Lullaby and less Self Titled from her
  5. Netflix has picked it up for a second season
  6. How does her team manage to find literally everything??
  7. I wonder what Nicola's demo for this sounded like/how different it is from the final version. You can hear Nicola's bg vocals throughout the entire chorus
  8. I haven't been checking for her stuff in a while but this is so good
  9. Is anyone else here a Sagittarius?

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