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  1. I concur, please leak it if it's real and you have it. ?
  2. If only the uptempo version of White Diamond would leak along with Deepest Blue. Maybe one day they will...
  3. Mine too! Fever had a bunch of great b-sides. There was Tightrope, Whenever You Feel Like it, Harmony, Boy, Baby, and Good Like That. I think there were a couple more others as well. I'm pretty sure she could have released a Carly style EP with all the b-sides from Fever.
  4. Me too! The music from that show was the soundtrack to my teen years. I remember being so excited for a new season because that meant new music.
  5. What a song. Is it bad that I'm still bitter that the soundtracks from season 3 and 4 didn't feature her exclusively? It would have been alright if she would have been able to release her Epic album but that didn't happen. What a waste and terrible time to be an Alexz fan (it's still kind of a terrible time to be an Alexz fan).
  6. I think it's his personality and how funny he is. That's what I looked for/ have with my partner. I need someone who make me laugh.
  7. I know, that was one hell of a cliffhanger! I love Carol and Tandy grew on me a lot this season. That whole bit with him in the dinosaur costume was too much. I could not stop laughing.
  8. I love this show! I really hope it gets renewed as well. I can't believe they are on break until March 5th.
  9. Lord knows I try to in this crazy world we are currently living in!
  10. Why thank you! I would be lying if I said it was easy. It is very trying sometimes, especially on the nerves haha.
  11. Both I hope haha. I have my masters in social work. It took me about 8 years to go through the process but I finally graduated in May of 2016. I did take a little over a year break though. I was kind of burnt out on school.
  12. She sure does. She also has an amazing accent. Whenever she speaks you can't help but smile with joy.
  13. Believer was amazing! I almost forgot about that song for a second. I wish they were still working together. I think it is James who has continued on without Russell. He recently did some remixes for Sophie. He did the F9 remixes of Crystallise and Come With Us. Both are great.
  14. Right! The bad thing though, if it was set up by her manger for sympathy, it didn't really work out that way. I think people view her more negatively now.
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