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  1. ChasingEveryBreakingWave

    Zach's Cover Art

    I love it
  2. ChasingEveryBreakingWave

    Some Of My Covers

    just spent the last hour looking at all the covers you posted holy shit they're so gorgeous. part of me wants to start listening to some of the other artists so i can use the covers....
  3. ChasingEveryBreakingWave


    ^_^ I don't like talking more than I have to, even on the internet LOL
  4. ChasingEveryBreakingWave


    Nice to meet you too!
  5. ChasingEveryBreakingWave

    Post Your Cover Art's!

  6. ChasingEveryBreakingWave

    Post Your Cover Art's!

    I am actually nervous about posting these....
  7. ChasingEveryBreakingWave


    Oh yeah. They're doing a 30th Anniversary Tour for The Joshua Tree this year; so maybe they'll come back to Utah for that!
  8. ChasingEveryBreakingWave


    I've never been able to hear Nevermore. But I agree, she should release it herself, for all her fans.
  9. ChasingEveryBreakingWave


    I'm glad Marion, A&A, and Ev still get some love. @Countess The closest I've ever gotten to seeing U2 live was during the 360 tour, and they were in Salt Lake City. I got to drive by the stadium they were performing at and see the top of their stage. v_v
  10. ChasingEveryBreakingWave


    I live in Utah, and mostly stan artists that the majority of this forum probably doesn't care about: Evanescence, U2, Michelle Branch, Aly & AJ, Marion Raven, Muse, New Years Day, Train With a few exceptions like Britney, Lana Del Rey, Taylor Swift, Ke$ha. ^_^.
  11. ChasingEveryBreakingWave


    I'm Loni. I love music. What else is there to know?

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