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Ultraviolence - Acoustic

low kii savage

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So lately I was into Lana and into acoustic music, n realised, that we don't have any acoustic versions of Lana's songs from UV (apart from WC) so I've decided to do one whole album in acoustic to Ultraviolence, its still not finished, but I'm working on it, if you'll like that idea, I'll eventually post a link to the whole album soon.

I don't want any new Lana songs, I want only acoustics, CLICK HERE to listen to my snippets!

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On 1/16/2017 at 11:06 AM, Bryan said:

Brooklyn Baby needs work on the chords :/

But sounds great so far! If you need piano I could help, I play. 

Agreed with this. But I actually like the first two tracks better than the official versions. :shocked: They're giving me Lizzy Grant teas and they sound so legit! ;) 

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Half of the album is done, I'm still thinking if I should add just this "radio mix" version of West Coast or should I do a new one, ideas?

tho I'll still need a lot of time to finish it, since I dont want to drop some kinda random bad shit, only I wanna work on it so yall will be coming back for it n that ill be worth the wait 


- -


click click cliick


ud like to click this thing - -

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