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Okay since Mars doesn't really get that much love literally anywhere (trust me i searched her name in here and there was 6 results and 2 of them were threads) I decided to make a masterpost for ya'll. BLUE means the song was released as a single. RED means the song has not leaked. Yellow means the song has leaked.

Technology is a Dead Bird - Album - 2009



  1. The Singularity is Near
  2. Suicide Birds
  3. Mrs. Stadler
  4. Machine
  5. Monsters Under My Bed
  6. Technology is a Dead Bird
  7. Sideways and Sideways
  8. You Don't Know Me Anymore
  9. Tired Today


  1. Electric Car (Studio)
  2. Mixdown (Suicide Birds concept demo)
  3. Moot (Demo)
  4. Our Neighborhood (Demo of Sideways and Sideways)
  5. Between Here and Now (Demo of Technology is a Dead Bird)
  6. You Have A Lot of Work to Do (40 second snippet was released for TiaDB promo)


Linden Place - EP - 2010

  1. Formal Girl
  2. A-Okay
  3. Beauty is Empty
  4. Using You
  5. Love in Black and White

Internet Sessions - EP - 2010


2012 version:

  1. Machine (live acoustic)
  2. Suicide Birds (live acoustic)
  3. Electric Car (live acoustic)
  4. Technology is a Dead Bird (live acoustic)

2014 version:

  1. Machine (live acoustic)
  2. Suicide birds (live acoustic)
  3. Using You (live acoustic)
  4. Everything Turns to Gold (live acoustic)

Runaway Runaway - Single - 2012

  1. Runaway Runaway (A-Side)
  2. Stuck On You (B-Side)

Bedrock Sessions - EP - 2013

  1. Don't Call Me (live performance)
  2. Beauty is Empty (live performance)
  3. Limousine Machine (live performance)
  4. Open Up the Door in Your Head (live performance)
  5. You Gave Away (live performance)
  6. Stuck On You (live performance)

Using You - Single - 2014

  1. Using You (Johnny K Remix/Redux)

Soundcloud/Promotional Singles - 2009-2015

  1. Electric Car - 2009
  2. Spider in My Bathtub - September 24th, 2010
  3. Nothing Without You - June 19th, 2011
  4. Pls Don't Forget Me - December 10th, 2012
  5. Wet Cigarette - December 6th, 2013
  6. Dark Basement 1 - 2013/2014
  7. Rough Untitled (idk) - 2014
  8. Cabin Boyz - 2015

Unreleased tracks

  • Angel
  • Anything Goes
  • Be Easy
  • Dinghy/Living It (Originally titled Sheraton)
  • Doctor (Only a live performance remains, higher quality audio was apparently uploaded to soundcloud but was deleted in mid 2015)
  • Doesn't Mean I'm Wrong (does backing vox, lead artist is Poppy)
  • Electric Car ('11 Redux)
  • Hear Me Out
  • Limousine Machine (as featured artist, lead artist is Titanic Sinclair)
  • Me Today
  • Sunny D (Only a live performance remains, higher quality audio was apparently uploaded to soundcloud but was deleted in mid 2015)



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3 hours ago, Noidused said:

tank you so much for this


12 minutes ago, LoveAndLight said:

That masterpost is kinda outdated, there were a more recent one, but the Google Drive link got taken down :/

It’s missing A LOT.

Living It (Sheraton final version)


Technology is a dead Bird (Johnny K Reprise)

and lots of leaked snippets, and live recordings of unleaked songs like Angel 

Edited by LittleJackk
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