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Kylie (+ Dannii) Minogue | General Discussion Thread

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5 hours ago, Dax Diameter said:

Dannii releases a new single “We Could Be The One” on June 2nd:

It is the theme tune to her new gay dating show “I Kissed A Boy”.


Love it! A lot better than the meh singles b/w her last album and now. Not my new fav. of hers, but pretty great! Thanks for sharing- I wasn't keeping up with her reality show.

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Posted (edited)

Press article, giving promo to Dannii’s first new single in six years “We Could Be The One”, described as ‘euphoric’, released June 2nd. (Her first since the Sia written “Galaxy” in 2017). Dannii is now reunited with her long time producer Ian Masterson.


Spotify and Apple Pre-Save Links:


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I don’t think the below is a definitive list of the recent Kylie leaks (but I do think it’s close). Can someone (who knows for sure) correct me if I have placed any of the following tracks in the WRONG album era.

Also, can anyone define with certainty, precisely WHICH album era’s tracks 46 to 53, should be placed in?

Lastly, are there any tracks that leaked (in full) recently, that are completely ABSENT from the below list:

“Tension” Studio Sessions:

01. Drum
02. Piano

“Disco” Studio Sessions:

03. A Rose is a Rose
04. Disco
05. Feel The Love
06. People
07. Sad Songs
08. Tears Of Joy
09. The Loneliest Kind of Lover

[“Disco” Era (Continued), Early Demo’s Of Other Tracks We Now Have In Later/ Final Form]:

10. Fine Wine (Demo)
11. Last Dance (Demo)
12. Real Groove (Demo)
13. Say Something (Demo)
14. Spotlight (Demo)
15. The Loneliest Kind of Lover (Demo)
16. Till You Love Somebody (Demo)
17. Where Does the DJ Go? (Demo)

“Golden” Studio Sessions:

18. Beautiful Disaster 
19. Feel
20. Fingerprints
21. Four Letter Word
22. Golden (Rollin' Demo)
23. Here I Go Again
24. Like Lightning
25. Not Letting Go
26. Rewind
27. Sweet Spot
28. Tambourine (Rock Me)
29. Was It Ever Really Love?

[“Golden” Era (Continued), Early Demo’s/ Alt. Mix Of Other Tracks We Now Have In Later/ Final Form]:

30. A Lifetime to Repair (Demo) 
31. Dancing (Alt Mix)
32. Every Little Part of Me (Demo)
33. Golden (Demo)
34. Live A Little (Demo)
35. Low Blow (Demo)
36. Stop Me From Falling (Demo)

“Kiss Me Once” Studio Sessions:

37. Beat Of My Heart
38. Down By The River [AKA “Eyes On You”]
39. Down By The River [AKA “Eyes On You”] (Demo)
40. Uncut Stone

“Aphrodite” Studio Sessions:

41. Tears Will Dry
42. What Do You Know 

“X” Album Sessions:

43. Nothing Lost, Nothing Gained

“Fever” Album Era:

44. Come Into My World (Fischerspooner Studio ‘Live’ Edit For “Top Of The Pops”)

“Light Years” Studio Sessions:

45. Whenever You Feel Like It (Original “Light Years” Era Mix)

Others (Unknown Era):

46. Beat Of My Heart
47. Home
48. Home (Version 2)
49. incomplete 
50. Rest Of Our Lives
51. Shooting Star
52. Spotlight
53. Tia Maria

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