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1 hour ago, Crystal <3 said:

Do we have our own tracklists for KMO?

Some might, probably adding “Skirt”, “Golden Boy” and “Sparks” but I personally just take that album as a beige MOR body of work un-to Itself. 

Which translates as I can let it wash over me from start to finish and enjoy it, but I never want to take anything from it for compilations. I just accept Roc Nation never really ‘got’ her or her sound.

Or rather, they wanted their people getting writers royalties from it as they knew it would be a marginal hit based on her post 2000’s output in the U.S.

The best thing I enjoy from that whole era is one single remix (which was not even official) and sounds like it is from 1988:

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The Minogue sister with the widest vocal range has a new single “Thinking ‘Bout Us” (with Autone) scheduled for 9th Feb. It’s now looking even more likely Dannii will represent Australia with this track at Eurovision 2024:






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