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    • By Cherrypiee
      Hey, im new to the forum but have been a member of the PHF community on other platforms. Decided its finally time to make my own account instead of lurking. I love Lana Del Rey, Dua Lipa, Ava Max, Slayyyter, Britney, and of course about 1000 iconic pop stars. Idk how to use a forum so idk if im doing this right. anyways chile.... im here babes xx

      Excited to get more involved in the pop community and find hidden gems and info abt my talented hoes in the industry ?
      xoxo -Cherry

    • By cosmicfox
      Henlo to all who frequent the welcome center. My name is cosmicfox on here, but my primary alias is twat_brained, which some of you may be more familiar with.
      The only reason I joined was to download a folder of stems from fellow Canadian pop hopeful Allie X in the form of her breakthrough hit "Bitch", but I'm certain I'll make myself more than comfortable with the members here.
      Happy posting! Mwah?

    • By Marnstar
      Hey there, hope i'm doing this right, I am an newbie, just joined about 10 minutes ago! I used to be a big forum user back in the days...I quite retired from it.
      But since Pop is slowly coming back, wanted a place that keeps me up to date with that stuff, so here I am. I got invited to the discord group and thought to check this 
      site out.
      Who I stan for at this moment is Machine Gun Kelly, Yungblud, Ariana Grande, Denis Stoff, Nick Jonas/Jonas Brothers, Camila Cabello and many more, it changes a lot, I pretty much enjoy anything with
      a catchy tune...I can listen to pop to metal in seconds.
      anyways hope to meet some new friendly faces...I'm pretty shy and struggle with people online and off, but hoping I can push through it and hoping I find some others with similar taste then me

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