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Found 8 results

  1. hi!

    Hi! I am new here - my name is Maja. I'm from Poland and my English isn't good enough (i think). Music is very important to me. I love The Veronicas, Lana Del Rey. I like Xenoula, No Frills Twins, Madonna. I listen rock /alternative/shoegaze bands more than pop. I am here to share my leaked/demo songs. I have huge collection of Lana unreleased/demo songs and The Veronicas too. If you wanna hear some Lanas/the veronicas songs, you can text me. Btw, if you have leaked songs and some news, you can share all these things with me! And i hope that all i wrote is clear (I DON'T THINK SO BUT-) I am happy to be with you here♡!! maja xxo
  2. Introducing Myself

    Hey. I've been on for a minute, took a break, dealing with college but never got a chance to introduce myself. This website seems so awesome. I totally am a Nicki die hard. I keep lots of private things. If you encounter anything Nicki Minaj, please let me know. This forum seems like its filled with great peeps. ty:)
  3. Introducing Myself!

    Hello i've been posting stuff here for a while now but I never really introduced myself! My name is William but I'd prefer if you'd call me by my screen name. I stan Miley, Noah, Terror Jr, Poppy, Lana, and Melanie (kinda). I like some other artists but those are my main faves! I HATE Allie X, twenty one pilots, and some others but don't want people getting mad at me lmaoo. My favorite songs are Someone Else (Miley), Adored (Poppy), Bombs on Monday (Mel), Lust For Life (Lana), and Altar (Poppy). My favorite albums are Bangerz, Dollhouse (not really an album but an EP), Can't Be Tamed (MEMORIES), and Ultraviolence. If you want to know anything else, just ask! Bye x.
  4. Flop growing to Pop

    Hey there! So, I'm new here and as a new member I'd like to introduce myself to this family. Well, I don't know where I should start so I'll start saying that is a pleasure to be here, I already saw some threads and I can affirm that this place It's the right place to be, I'm not a stan, I am The Stan of Melanie, Halsey, Tove Lo and Lily Allen, as a Brazilian is really hard to find fans of this type of artist here, but I find myself with some that share the same tastes here! Just continuing the list of the artist I'm fan (these part doesn't has more artist that I'm stan, my fascination I already told above but now It's time of the regular artists) I love The Beatles, Panic! At The Disco, TØP, Aurora, Troye Sivan (so alternative, isn't it? Lol) and getting off the music, I love talk, you can message me anytime, I'll be happy to have someone to talk! Then again, thanks so much for having me, you will probably see me talking in the comments of some thread of my Stan Empire Lol! Bye, stay safe!
  5. Hello

    Helloo guys! My name is Gustavo, I'm 17,from Brazil I looooove Sia,Rihanna,Melanie,Birdy and Aurora Third Eye told me about you so here I am ^-^
  6. Hello

    Hello there! I made this account about a month ago, but couldn't find the courage to post anything since then. I stan Petite Meller, Allie X and Avril Lavigne
  7. Hi!

    Hi everyone! I am new, but I already enjoy being here. I stan for Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Lindsay Lohan and every Disney girl. I like OUAT, Weeds, The Walking Dead and many more I am a no-life, so I should be active here
  8. o hi

    Hello! I just joined today because I really like music forums lol. I like Marina and the Diamonds, Allie X, Red Velvet, Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga, Charli XCX, and Melanie Martinez. My favorite song is Shampain by Marina and the Diamonds and my favorite album is The Family Jewels by Marina and the Diamonds! N e ways, glad to be here!

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