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Britney’s second unreleased album?!?!


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So Myah Marie was on the original doll podcast today. She talked about Britney a lot. Including talking about an unreleased album that she worked on pre Britney Jean. She said Britney was working with Rodney Jerkins on the album. She talked about hearing unreleased songs for Britney Jean and Femme Fatale that she thought should’ve made the album. Does this mean there’s another whole album out there waiting to be discovered? Was Britney Jean not actually rushed but never meant to be?? She will be on at least 2 more episodes of the podcast. I have many questions now. Hopefully there are some answers in the next episodes

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30 minutes ago, Cypher said:

I'll have to tune in! Curious what small tidbits and details she dropped!

It’s kinda interesting. Quite a bit of info. But she says she “doesn’t remember” the names of the songs she heard. Boooooo lol. She says she was played songs from the Britney Jean sessions for inspiration. 

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41 minutes ago, Music Xclusive said:

What she might be saying is the original concept of both albums. We knew that FF was originally pop rock and BJ had a club sound (bcz Danja was involved in the early sessions). However, her label didn't let her put such songs on album and they ended up being unreleased and in the vault.

She definitely said Britney was working on an album before Britney Jean that didn’t come out and she worked on songs for it. I’m sure there’s plenty of these songs registered with no artist. BMI changed their for many and it’s difficult to search now. I’m ready for the conspiracies lol

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8 hours ago, addictedsober said:

Well, if SHE was working on the album then it was another BJ situation with her vocals all over, so... No thanx, they can keep it

She said they played her music for Britney Jean sessions before she worked on it. She even said Britney wrote the second verse on body ache. I’m not a vocal expert by any means but they gotta be there somewhere

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