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List of Unleaked Melanie Martinez Songs

Until Sunrise

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Here's a list of every single Unleaked Melanie Martinez Song.
  • Added (old YouTube channel song)
  • Alone (old YouTube channel song, likely remade for Cry Baby but then rejected)
  • Black and Blue (old YouTube channel song)
  • Blossoming (likely meant for MM2)
  • Dressed in Mistakes/Mistakes (Dollhouse EP Reject)
  • Empty Life (old YouTube channel song)
  • Go On Away (old YouTube channel song)
  • Heart at the Door (Hook she wrote for someone, unknown if she recorded it)
  • Hey Alice (old YouTube channel song)
  • I Scream (likely meant for MM2)
  • Jimmy Tells (likely meant for MM2)
  • Jump Rope (Cry Baby Reject, replaced by Tag, You're It)
  • Last Chapter (Never Stayed For Love) AKA Stay For Love (Cry Baby Reject)
  • Normalcy Will Never Be Achieved (old YouTube channel song)
  • Obsessions (Cry Baby Reject, writers' demo has leaked, it is currently unknown if Melanie recorded it)
  • Paper People (likely Meant for MM2)
  • Psycho Lovers (Dollhouse EP Reject)
  • Silence Says (Likely Meant for MM2)
  • Story of an Insomniac (Old YouTube channel song)
  • Time Files (unknown)
  • Until Sunrise (Cry Baby reject)
  • Violent Disease (old YT channel song)
  • Where Do Babies Come From? (Cry Baby reject, snippets have leaked)
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1 hour ago, Girl Under You said:

I think DIM and Mistakes are the same song, since they have their own BMI pages, but I could be wrong

Where did you get that alternate title for Stay for Love?
And apparently a leaker is confirming some more titles, Bloody Mary (Dollhouse reject) and Rolling Rink (Bluffington reject)

They probably are.

I can't say.

Those are probably fake.

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