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  1. Girl Under You

    Rumored Singers Album Covers

    Supposed to be the original Bedtime Stories cover, but the label wanted something more commercial. A picture from this shoot was chosen for the title track artwork though
  2. Girl Under You

    Latest leaks

    Lil Wayne's rap is the bridge and not the second verse Sucks cause Bebe's bridge is the only decent part of the song
  3. Girl Under You

    Latest leaks

    Thanks for both! These are real HQ
  4. Girl Under You

    Latest leaks

    It means that it's actually in 128kbps but it's altered to make it sound like 320kbps You can check it with Spek
  5. Girl Under You

    Latest leaks

    Sadly this is upscaled too, it's the same file I had. Thanks anyways though. Hopefully the one who bought those songs will come through
  6. Girl Under You

    Latest leaks

    Does anyone have Between Us or Bed in 256/320kbps? All versions of Bed I see on the internet are upscaled and BU is just a soundcloud rip
  7. Girl Under You

    Bebe Rexha - All Your Fault [A.Y.F] (2016)

    Expectations is her best effort and this isn't original Bebe either, IDWGU was
  8. Girl Under You

    Pixie Lott ღ Collection ღ

    OMG Thank you!!! You got the unreleased from a tumblr page right?? I used to have these in a folder but I deleted it accidentally
  9. Girl Under You

    Maty Noyes - Love Songs From a Lolita [EP]

    Does anybody have Can't Tell Me Who to Love and Charge It to the Game in HQ? I'll post Stay and Haunted in i+ later
  10. Girl Under You

    Latest leaks

    Thanks for this, it's better than the one I had
  11. Girl Under You

    Latest leaks

    Does anyone have Half Back by Nicki in HQ?
  12. Girl Under You

    Latest leaks

    Btw 5 new Kim Petras songs leaked
  13. Girl Under You

    Latest leaks

    Yes! Thank you so much! It's missing a couple songs and the quality is not the best on some but I'll find the rest. I know they leaked a long time ago but wasn't able to find a working link
  14. Girl Under You

    Latest leaks

    Yeah I knew it was bound to be fake but they sounded too nervous and you never know with these things Also kinda weird that it was in WAV format when MM only sells MP3 320kbps tracks
  15. Girl Under You

    Latest leaks

    Chile Someone said they have it in Wav but they're only sending it via email I just sent them mine, hopefully they'll send the song tonight

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