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  1. Girl Under You

    Avril Lavigne Head Above Water & Possible Leaks Thread

    Apparently the CD comes with the solo version, and I'll be buying the album next week so I'll post the FLAC!
  2. Girl Under You

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    Does anyone have Push Pull by Zara Larsson in real 320kbps?
  3. Girl Under You

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    Anyone got Blood Sweet and Tears?
  4. Girl Under You

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    Does anyone have First Man and Not Killing It Today by Camila in 320kbps?
  5. Girl Under You

    The begging thread (please leak....)

    Does anyone have Alone Together by Sabrina Carpenter in HQ? (320kbps or at least 256kbps - not just an IGTV rip)
  6. Girl Under You

    List of Unleaked Melanie Martinez Songs

    I think DIM and Mistakes are the same song, since they have their own BMI pages, but I could be wrong Where did you get that alternate title for Stay for Love? And apparently a leaker is confirming some more titles, Bloody Mary (Dollhouse reject) and Rolling Rink (Bluffington reject)
  7. Girl Under You

    Melanie Martinez Leaks

    Night Mime: Melanie Martinez & Rick Markowitz Until Sunrise: Melanie Martinez & Reginald D Perry
  8. Girl Under You

    Melanie Martinez Leaks

    Different writers And I think Night Mime is older than Until Sunrise, the latter being registered in 2014 but the former was performed live for the first time in 2013
  9. Girl Under You

    Melanie Martinez Leaks

    Well that was FAST lmao all the drama unfolded it’s like watching The Hunger Games with the leakers being the tributes Long story short, Little Lies is fake (apparently a song with those lyrics exists but it has a different title) and VintageMU doesn’t have HH studio. About WDBCF, someone called imprisonedlane on Twitter (who had all of these songs before they leaked + apparently some more) is allegedly selling it for $150, which seems unreal. CryBabyBoiiii said he tried to buy that song a long time ago but they asked $700 for it, so idk if I believe it
  10. Girl Under You

    Melanie Martinez Leaks

    I think this was the user who leaked the snippets last August. You can always message them and ask if they’re selling the song @c23445t44
  11. Girl Under You

    Melanie Martinez Leaks

    Arts & Crafts is fake. They were just trolling us lol. I too think that 99CS is leaked before the month ends but the leakers seemed so confident that it wouldn’t lol so I’m not sure. Only VintageMU has mentioned HH studio and nobody has talked about Jump Rope so I doubt they’ll leak. It is literally impossible that there’s a concensus within the leakers, there’s so much bts shit going on lmao (they hate each other for leaking songs because they’re afraid Atlantic will get to them)
  12. Girl Under You

    Melanie Martinez Leaks

    I have actually never talked to them, but I follow them on instagram: Hauntedbymel is the one that got all these songs and they're the one selling them to everyone else (I think they had an insta account but they deleted it), @vintagemuu (leaked SFF and Half Hearted), @CryBabyBoiiiii (he leaked Schizo) and @littlebodybighatter (leaked Haunted, but I think they're done leaking now), all answer to questions on insta stories such as "what will leak next/what's left to leak/when will you leak [x]". As far as I'm aware all 4 of them are in possession of 99CS and Unhappy Meal but refuse to leak them until the album comes out. So that's where I get most of my info from. Also on the Melanie Martinez wikia, there's also a lot of drama going on in the comments of the pages for the unleaked songs. And yeah there's 3 snippets leaked of UM as of now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVP1qQapeNY
  13. Girl Under You

    Melanie Martinez Leaks

    Unhappy Meal hasn’t leaked yet. Traders have said that it won’t leak until MM2 comes out due to the drama surrounding Drama Club (no pun intended)
  14. Girl Under You

    Melanie Martinez Leaks

    Only one person has Jump Rope and they might be lying. Little Lies (Dollhouse outtake) and Half Hearted (studio) are also circulating. Some people claim to have Until Sunrise
  15. Girl Under You

    Rumored Singers Album Covers

    Supposed to be the original Bedtime Stories cover, but the label wanted something more commercial. A picture from this shoot was chosen for the title track artwork though

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