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Found 5 results

  1. Here's a list of every single Unleaked Melanie Martinez Song. Added (old YouTube channel song) Alone (old YouTube channel song, likely remade for Cry Baby but then rejected) Black and Blue (old YouTube channel song) Blossoming (likely meant for MM2) Dressed in Mistakes/Mistakes (Dollhouse EP Reject) Empty Life (old YouTube channel song) Go On Away (old YouTube channel song) Heart at the Door (Hook she wrote for someone, unknown if she recorded it) Hey Alice (old YouTube channel song) I Scream (likely meant for MM2) Jimmy Tells (likely meant for MM2) Jump Rope (Cry Baby Reject, replaced by Tag, You're It) Last Chapter (Never Stayed For Love) AKA Stay For Love (Cry Baby Reject) Normalcy Will Never Be Achieved (old YouTube channel song) Obsessions (Cry Baby Reject, writers' demo has leaked, it is currently unknown if Melanie recorded it) Paper People (likely Meant for MM2) Psycho Lovers (Dollhouse EP Reject) Silence Says (Likely Meant for MM2) Story of an Insomniac (Old YouTube channel song) Time Files (unknown) Until Sunrise (Cry Baby reject) Violent Disease (old YT channel song) Where Do Babies Come From? (Cry Baby reject, snippets have leaked)
  2. Most of Melanie Martinez' unreleased songs sound totally different than her released music. There are 100+ unreleased songs by her and we only have around 5 studio recorded, it's insane! We need more! Most of her unreleased songs are very "mysterious" I guess you could say?
  3. We can disscuss Melanie here so we don't annoy people who are not her fans
  4. People are saying that they have Jump Rope......... does anyone actually have it ? o-o.
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